Friday, March 27, 2009

5 months old!

Lucy is 5 months old today!  I can say without question - these have been the fastest five months of my life.  And the best.  It is amazing how I already can't remember what life used to be like ... and it doesn't even matter.  Lucy makes us smile more and more every day.  She is getting to be SO funny!  She loves to listen to herself scream and holler and squeal - the louder the better!  
I don't even know where to begin to list all of things I wish I had done more of already ... have I talked to her enough?  rocked her enough?  sang to her enough?  read to her enough?  How often have I put her in her swing or her bouncer to entertain herself so that I can have a break or get things done?  And were those things really more important?  (sigh) I know I can't spend every waking moment with her - that wouldn't be good for either of us!  But I can't help but regret not spending more moments with her because goodness knows - those moments are going by way too fast.  In another five months, it will be September, I'll be headed back to teaching kindergarten half-time, and I won't have every moment to spend with her - even if I want to! :(  It might take every day of those five months to come to grips with that fact!  
But meanwhile, I am striving to live, laugh, love, and thank God for every moment. :-)  I love my Little Lucy Lu!


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