Monday, May 11, 2009

My 1st Mother's Day :-)

Yesterday, I celebrated my 1st Mother's Day.  Since becoming Lucy's mommy, life has changed so much - but to say that it has been the best change ever is an understatement.  I've been thinking about what being a mommy means to me at this point in my journey through motherhood.  Perhaps if I actually keep this blog going for years, I'll be able to repeat this process every year ... it will be interesting to see how the term "what being a mommy means to me" will change with each passing year.  So, here goes...
Being a mommy means:

~ thinking endlessly about what your child will grow up to become ... and wishing, praying, hoping for nothing but her happiness.  

~ being amazed on a daily basis at how much she grows and changes every day - even if the change that day is blowing raspberries while eating dinner, leaving mommy covered in sweet potatoes!

~ seeing my husband in a whole new light and loving him even more because of how much he loves her.

~ waking up in the middle of every night, even after the baby has been sleeping through the night for months ... and wishing she would wake up so I would have a reason to go hold her.

~ starting off every morning with that look of surprise and then the world's biggest smile when I peek into her crib.

~ stacks of (mostly) unread parenting books and magazines in my bedroom, in the living room, in the office ... because I want to make sure I'm doing everything right!

~ not caring that I can't go out shopping or to the movies with my friends because I have a baby ... I'd really rather be with her, anyway! (don't get me wrong, a break every now and then is necessary and appreciated!)

~ coming up with silly songs about everything, just because she thinks it's entertaining :)-

~ feeling guilty on the days when I haven't spent much time really being with her (even though I am there with her!)

~ giving a special gift to my family, and witnessing the joy she brings into the lives of others.  

~ wearing my heart on the outside, and realizing that her joys, pains, surprises, and thrills are also mine.  

~ telling God thank you every day for this most precious gift ... and seeking His help and guidance in raising her to love and serve Him, above all else.  

~ being happy at the end of the good days and the bad days, because I am holding my sweet sleeping baby in my arms. :-)

~  realizing that the little things in life have become the most important things.


  1. What a sweet post! It is awesome to see you as a mom. Too bad it's not in person!


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