Thursday, June 18, 2009

Catching up...

I have been slacking ... well, actually, I've just been BUSY!  I thought things were supposed to slow down during the summer, but so far, things just keep getting more and more busy.  (maybe that's because summer doesn't officially start until this weekend ... I can hope!)
There are so many things "new" with Lucy.  Probably the most exciting change has been the addition of her first tooth!  (can you see it???  on the bottom left, barely peeking through...)  She did get a little more cranky than usual (which pretty much means she's cranky for about 10 minutes a day instead of 5) while trying to get that tooth through, but now she's back to her happy self. :-)
Last weekend, we made our annual summer trip to Eagle Crest ... Lucy's first time there!  Here she is sitting with Nana in our condo before bedtime. :-)
And sitting by the pool with Aunt Steph...
And probably the most exciting thing ... her first time in the pool!  

She LOVED the pool ... especially her fun little floatie. 
Here she is showing off her new swimsuit from cute! :-)

A couple of weeks ago, Lucy also took her first trip to the zoo!  We met my kindergarten class from Butte Creek at the zoo for a fun day.  Here is Lucy in her stroller with an elephant in the background ...

She continues to amaze me with just how GOOD she is!  Whether it's sitting through a two hour site council meeting, being strolled around the zoo with kindergartners all day, shopping all day with mommy (which happens a lot!), hanging out while I ride the horses, sitting through all of the field day activities PLUS an assembly afterwards with the kindergartners ... she is just happy as can be.  I know how lucky we are!  (or at least, I know how lucky I'm told we are over and over and over...:)-

Here is the latest picture of Grace and Lucy from our monthly walks around the lake!  Cutie pie cousins! :-)  

And just this week, one of those "little things" that is just such a BIG deal ... Lucy started reaching her arms "up" when she wants to be picked up!  It probably sounds silly, but I was SO excited ... and it is the cutest thing ever!  She is also able to sit up on her own now (for a little while, at least!) and is just about to start crawling, I think ... the trick is trying to keep her on her stomach long enough to get her to try (she'd rather roll over onto her back and scoot around that way!).  

Now that the 2008-2009 school year has come to an end, I feel like I'm in the "home stretch" of my stay-at-home-mom time. :(  I know the fact that I am dreading September will make it come even faster than it normally would, so I'm just trying more than ever to enjoy every single day, every single moment with my little Lucy!  


  1. Such cute pictures, Rebecca. And did I notice only 9 more days till you go to fun!

  2. She is such a cutie! I know that this will come as a shock but my first child was just as easy. If you want life to stay easy don't have another! My second child is my greatest joy and biggest pain in the rear all at the same time and has been since I carried her in utero!

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