Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July

Our 4th of July weekend was busy and fun-filled!  It's always been one of my favorite holidays ... maybe because summertime, BBQ, rodeo, and fireworks are some of my favorite things!  Here are some of our highlights with Lucy:

Every year on the 3rd of July, we go to the Oregon Garden for the fireworks ... so this year, we were happy to have Lucy along with us to enjoy fireworks for the first time!  

She had fun sitting with Aunties Gwenny and Steph (and Eli!), and she watched the fireworks, wide-eyed - although very tired, since it was WAY past her bedtime! :-)

On the 4th, we started the day with a parade (how else do you start the 4th of July?)  Here she is sitting with GG, watching the tractors go by ... maybe next year she'll be on the John Deere with Daddy! :-)

After the parade, it was an afternoon of BBQs ... we ended the day at Wes and Sarah's with the Kuenzi and Jorgenson families.  Here is Lucy with cousin Andrea...

She laughed with Uncle Neil, playing with a balloon...

And it was another late night!  Here she is with Aunt Kay toward the end of the night, looking quite sleepy!


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