Monday, July 27, 2009

9 months old

Lucy is nine months old today. As I do on the 27th of every month, I've taken a moment today to marvel at the amazing way my life has changed since she was born - and to be blown away, once again, at how the time has flown by. What a blessing you are to all who know you, Lucy! You keep us all smiling! :-)

This past week, she graduated from her Bumbo seat to her high chair... this high chair is extra special - it was mine when I was a baby, too!
Over the past week or so, she's started eating a lot more "real" food, too ... toast, cottage cheese, dehydrated apples, graham crackers, cheerios, mashed potatoes, and refried beans! I'm so glad she's actually eating (more than sweet potatoes) now!

Lucy has a new favorite face ....

... any guesses at what it is??? :)- She LOVES sticking her tongue out (well, this week, anyway!) Now, the second she sees Scott every night, instead of a smile - that's what he gets! Too funny!

Bath time is becoming so much fun, too ... Lucy absolutely loves the water - especially when it's running out of the faucet. She actually willingly sticks her whole head under the running water ... I don't know if that's normal, but she sure is funny to watch in the bathtub these days!

Today, we headed up to the lake and hung out with Melissa, Grace and Wyatt (in the shade!). It was so fun to see Lucy and Grace interacting with each other this time ... both sitting up, almost crawling, and munching away on treats all morning! It has been such a wonderful experience, watching the girls grow through the months ... such cute little cousins! :-)


  1. I just love blogging. You will get to look back on all of this one day and marvel! My two are up in their room playing that they live at Hogwarts. These days shall pass too quickly!


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