Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Too Busy = Too Fast!!!

It has been an awesome day.  It's sunny and beautiful - 85 degrees, spent a large part of the day with some of my favorite friends, riding horses and talking (what we do best).  Lucy, easily entertained as always, hung out watching the goings-on from her stroller.  It was just a relaxing, carefree day.  One of those days when you think ... "Could life get any better?"... just appreciating the simple things ... 

That lead me to think about my blog - and how my intention here was to keep track of all of the "little things" happening with Lucy in our every day life... those things that I am so afraid of forgetting or not relishing enough when they are actually happening.  And yep, sure enough - that seems to be what I am doing.  Not on purpose of course, but the busy days of summer (looking at my calendar, I have 6 days without a "to do" listed for the month of July!) - and just LIFE, in general, seem to make it so hard to stay focussed and to truly ENJOY those little things.  

She now has TWO teeth!  One is almost all the way in, one is just barely visible.  
She has been sitting up by herself for about a month now!
She moves from one end of the room to the other pretty darn quickly these days!  Still not crawling, but rolling and scooting seem to be sufficing for the moment.  
She LOVES Stella.  Every time we go outside, she just starts giggling the second she sees her.  
She is eating more than sweet potatoes!  I can now get her to eat almost anything (well, baby food, anyway).  Rice cereal and/or oatmeal is still the biggest challenge though.  And sweet potatoes are still a definite favorite!  
She loves noses.  As soon as just about anyone picks her up, that's her first stop ... your nose.  She will grab on HARD, too, so watch out! :)-
She is waving!!!  It is SO darn cute.  
Listening to her talk herself to sleep ... and wake up again, still talking - is about the best thing I've ever heard.  Sooooo sweet!  

OK.  I feel better now.  Just taking a moment to stop and think about those things and jot them down brings a smile to my face and warms my heart (and nearly makes me cry, too! - pathetic, I know...).  Lucy is 8 1/2 months old!!!  I will never stop being utterly amazed at how fast this time is going by.  

I was talking to Mindy, my pastor's wife, a few months ago.  I was telling her how sad it made me that she wasn't a "little" baby anymore.  Her response really struck a chord ... she said she really feels like God designed it in such a way that babies constantly get more and more fun so that you forget about all of those things you're missing.  On the one hand, I totally think Mindy is right.  Lucy certainly gets more and more fun all the time ... just when you think "this has got to be the best stage", a better one seems to come along.  However, on the other hand, I sure have a hard time letting go of that "little" baby, too.  

A good friend of mine recently had a baby.  He was itty-bitty, just like Lucy (about 5 1/2 lbs.), and looking at him I was just in shock.  I couldn't for the life of me even remember what that was like and it was only 8 1/2 months ago!!!???  Aaarrggghh!  I guess that is what bothers me the most ... just that feeling that I'm going to forget my sweet little baby.  How tiny and precious she was, how she fit in just my two hands, and could curl up on my chest with her toes barely reaching my belly button.  I know she seems to get more and more fun and more and more cute all the time, but there's a part of me that just doesn't want to let go of the recent past.  

Looking at the calendar also cruelly reminded me that there are only two more (busy) weeks in July.  That means August is just around the corner with September sneaking up much more quickly than I'd like it to.  Back to work...?  I just don't know how I'm going to do it, people.  Be prepared to tell me often that I CAN do this!  Thanks, friends! :-)

Lucy, 8 months old


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