Friday, May 29, 2009



I recently made the mistake of watching Marley and Me.... it was a wonderful movie, don't get me wrong.  But the fact that our dog, Stella, looks just like Marley (well, the cute versions of him anyway) - and then watching him die at the end of the movie... let's just say that was a little too much for me.  I'm 100% positive I've never cried so hard watching a movie.  I'm just glad I didn't see the movie in the theater, because I would have caused quite a scene - sobbing uncontrollably!  

Stella as a puppy - about 3 months old.

Anyway, it really made me think about how much a part of our family Stella is.  She, unlike Marley, is the BEST dog on the planet, I'm pretty sure.  With the exception of destroying a few garden hoses when she was a puppy, she has been the perfect dog.  Since we got her at 8 weeks old, she has been happy and content hanging out on the front porch while we're gone, she just seemed to inherently know how to duck hunt (or should I say retrieve the dead ducks (yuck!)) with Scott, she lays beside him while he's fishing - waiting until he's done to jump in and go for a swim (her very favorite thing), accompanies us on every walk and adventure around our property, has warned us on more than one occasion about "intruders" on our property - be they people or cougars, lays right next to Lucy's stroller outside of the arena while I ride - occasionally reaching up to lick Lucy's toes, which makes Lucy giggle like crazy (so cute!), and loves to pretend she's a horse - running around in the pasture with the others.  We really couldn't ask for more of a dog.  
Stella making Lucy laugh :-)

Growing up, though we had a "family dog", he wasn't my dog - and I really didn't have any sort of attachment to him.  Honestly, before getting Stella, I really wasn't much of a dog lover at all.  She has sure changed that!  As with the actors in the movie, Stella really was our first "child".  It has been so much fun to watch Lucy already loving her - and so great to think that Stella will be Lucy's first best friend. :-)

I can't imagine losing Stella someday.  The thought of it just makes me crazy, which is why I won't be watching Marley and Me again!  But despite the difficulty I had in watching the movie, I'm grateful I did because it was a startling reminder to me of how special my dog is and how important she is to us.  So.... I decided it was about time to get Stella on my blog with the rest of our family!

Monday, May 11, 2009

My 1st Mother's Day :-)

Yesterday, I celebrated my 1st Mother's Day.  Since becoming Lucy's mommy, life has changed so much - but to say that it has been the best change ever is an understatement.  I've been thinking about what being a mommy means to me at this point in my journey through motherhood.  Perhaps if I actually keep this blog going for years, I'll be able to repeat this process every year ... it will be interesting to see how the term "what being a mommy means to me" will change with each passing year.  So, here goes...
Being a mommy means:

~ thinking endlessly about what your child will grow up to become ... and wishing, praying, hoping for nothing but her happiness.  

~ being amazed on a daily basis at how much she grows and changes every day - even if the change that day is blowing raspberries while eating dinner, leaving mommy covered in sweet potatoes!

~ seeing my husband in a whole new light and loving him even more because of how much he loves her.

~ waking up in the middle of every night, even after the baby has been sleeping through the night for months ... and wishing she would wake up so I would have a reason to go hold her.

~ starting off every morning with that look of surprise and then the world's biggest smile when I peek into her crib.

~ stacks of (mostly) unread parenting books and magazines in my bedroom, in the living room, in the office ... because I want to make sure I'm doing everything right!

~ not caring that I can't go out shopping or to the movies with my friends because I have a baby ... I'd really rather be with her, anyway! (don't get me wrong, a break every now and then is necessary and appreciated!)

~ coming up with silly songs about everything, just because she thinks it's entertaining :)-

~ feeling guilty on the days when I haven't spent much time really being with her (even though I am there with her!)

~ giving a special gift to my family, and witnessing the joy she brings into the lives of others.  

~ wearing my heart on the outside, and realizing that her joys, pains, surprises, and thrills are also mine.  

~ telling God thank you every day for this most precious gift ... and seeking His help and guidance in raising her to love and serve Him, above all else.  

~ being happy at the end of the good days and the bad days, because I am holding my sweet sleeping baby in my arms. :-)

~  realizing that the little things in life have become the most important things.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Last week, Lucy hit the six month mark!  I think I've gone from feelings of sadness and disbelief at how quickly the time has gone - to just plain denial.  I absolutely canNOT believe it has been six months since Lucy came into this world.  
New "little things" seem to come about nearly every day with her ... the latest is her saying "dada...dada...dada..." over and over and over, pretty much all day long.  Sometimes she whispers it, sometimes she screams it, but "dada" is definitely her first official "word" (if you can call it that).  Scott, of course, is THRILLED because he is just sure that she knows what she's saying.  The other day, he called from work, and I put him on speaker phone so that Lucy could hear him.  She immediately said, "dada, dada" -  which I think completely made Scott's day. (never mind that she had been chanting it all day, but oh well - he didn't know that!)
I am finally getting a video camera this week, so I'm hoping to film her "talking" and put it on my blog - assuming I can actually figure out how to do all of that! :)- 

**UPDATE!  I figured it out, so the video is below ... just click the arrow - so cute! :-)

I have kindergarten round-up tonight ... meeting next year's kindergartners and their parents.  So I guess you could say this is my first "official" day back to work.  It's definitely making the reality of my going back to work next year sink in just a little bit more... four more months (sigh).