Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010, Here We Come!

I thought about making "update my blog more than once every month (or two!)" my New Year's resolution ... but then I thought, "Who am I kidding? It's just not gonna happen!". Bummer. But oh well. Recording SOME of Lucy's little "firsts" is better than none at all, right? The problem is, the more time goes by, the faster those cute little things that I'll wish I could remember someday seem to be happening -- so when I DO actually sit down to update my blog, it's hard to even remember what all she's done that's "new" since last time -- too much to remember!!!

But, I'll give it a shot, anyway...
Definitely the biggest one this time is WALKING! Though she did take her "first" steps on her birthday (with assistance), about a month ago, she really started walking on her own - right at about 13 months (check out the video at the bottom of this post!). She seemed to go from not walking at all to "full speed ahead" mode! And just as everyone warned us ... she is now into EVERYTHING and she moves fast, so life has gotten much busier, for sure! (Oh, and the baby gate has made it's entrance at the bottom of the stairs, too!)

She is "talking" a lot more, too - although her only actual words are still "mama", "dada", and "hi" - she sure gives a lot of others a good effort, and she has LOTS to say. Her favorites at the moment are lots of "ohs and ooohs" (do those count as "words"?).. it's pretty funny though! I love listening to her talk to herself ... and better yet, sing to herself, over the baby monitor when I put her in her crib for a nap or bedtime. Ah, it just doesn't get any sweeter than the sound of that voice!

A couple of weeks ago, she finally figured out the whole pointing thing, too ... so now she points and says "oh" or "oooh" at pretty much every interesting thing she sees.

Unfortunately, not every new little thing Lucy does is cute and sweet! She has developed quite the little attitude and has thrown a few temper tantrums already! :( This past weekend, we were shopping at Nordstrom with my mom ("Nana"), who loves to show all the "pretties" to Lucy as we go (in this case, some flashy rings and necklaces at the jewelry counter). However, when it was time to move on, Lucy decided she was NOT done and proceeded to throw a fit right there in the middle of the store! Oh goody. Luckily, Nana is pretty good at distracting her, so the screaming and crying only lasted a few minutes (and I just pretended like I didn't know them ... haha!:)-

Lucy has also developed this frustrating habit of taking nearly everything that goes into her mouth OUT of her mouth. We're lucky if we can get three or four bites of food down her before she decides that spitting it out and throwing it over the back of her high chair is more fun. (*Side note: when she started this lovely game, I would get irritated and "growl" under my breath ... so guess what her new favorite sound is ... yep, the growl. Not so cute. Every time I do it, she does it right back with the same irritated look on her face that I'm giving her! Is it just me, or is she way too smart for a 14-month-old???)
Anyway, I'm really not sure what to make of this little food dilemma ... it's not like she couldn't stand to gain a few pounds (poor thing's not even 20 pounds yet!), but I don't see that happening any time soon if she doesn't start actually keeping the food IN her mouth!? It doesn't seem to matter how much she likes or dislikes the food I'm giving her, either ... she does it with pretty much everything! We are struggling with whether or not we should "force" her to eat (which only goes so well with a 14-month-old...?) or just taking the food away and making meal time officially over as soon as she starts in with the game...? Or do we just let her do it and hope this is a phase that passes quickly!? Help!!! (And yes, I realize I better get a thing or two figured out before she is 12 and I have REAL problems!:)-

Well, anyway ... these are a few of Lucy's latest tricks. It's something new all the time, so I can hardly wait to see what this month will bring!

Oh wait ... and did I mention she's already driving!?

This video shows one of the first times Lucy took several steps in a row ... she made it almost clear across the room! The funniest part though is watching (and listening to) Scott at the end ... I'm pretty sure he was more excited than Lucy was! And I think she would have walked even further if her daddy hadn't scared her so much, hooting and hollering for her! :)-


  1. Holy cow, Bec! She's just the cutest thing on the planet! I love how the hands help her concentrate/balance as she goes. :~D Thanks for sharing.

    Kim Cathcart


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