Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Caught red (and white) handed! :)-

Who would have thought that a pantry could be such a FUN place to play? Well, let me tell you, lately - the pantry is Lucy's favorite spot. I think she likes it because it is a nice, little room - just her size. And she likes being able to shut the (screen) door, too - which makes her think I can't see her (although, as I just pointed out - it is a SCREEN door!). Anyway, aside from the size and the door, of course the pantry is filled with goodies ... although, so far, she hasn't even ventured to look (or grab!) off of the bottom shelf, which she can just barely reach. She's perfectly content with all of the stuff on the floor ... cases of bottled water and soda (SO fun to pull out ALL of the bottles or cans and roll them around on the floor), and empty boxes, mostly. (who needs real toys, right?)

(Lucy in the pantry!)

Well anyway, on Monday, I was making dinner, and Lucy was in her favorite play "room". At some point, I realized that it had gotten awfully quiet (never a good sign), so I peeked around the corner to find her sitting in the corner holding a candy cane, broken in half, completely unwrapped, holding half in each hand, sucking on one half (which was over half gone), with red stickiness dripping down to her elbows! The look on her face was seriously priceless ... she just looked up wide-eyed, like "uh-oh, she caught me!". *Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera in my hands at that moment, so I scrambled to get it and managed to get these pictures right after she took off running around the house, trying to keep me away from her and her candy cane! :)-

All I know is, this child is SO much like her daddy! Can't you just picture Scott, hiding in a pantry, eating all the candy!?! :)-


  1. She's trouble in tiny shoes! But trouble in a good way. :~D

    Kim Cathcart


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