Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

Although it was technically her second Christmas, it kind of felt like Lucy's first Christmas (last year, she pretty much slept through Christmas!). She had a fun day, and she looked so beautiful in her dress and pretty patent shoes! :-) Her she is smiling at Aunt Emily...
She kind of got the whole present thing ... she especially loved her dolly from Nana, she took it out of the package and immediately gave it a hug! So cute!!! :-)

"mmm... yummy new boots!"

Here is our best attempt at a family picture at Grandma's house ... it's just way too hard to get all three of us looking in the same direction and smiling at the same time, I guess! :)-

Great-grandma gave Lucy a Radio Flyer red wagon ... she loves it! She was looking a little sleepy here though - after a long day of opening presents and entertaining the family! :-)
It was a wonderful, fun-filled Christmas ... we feel so blessed to have so much - and each other!


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