Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Over the past month or two, Lucy officially entered the "raccoon phase" ... she is pulling EVERYTHING out of EVERY cabinet and drawer she can reach. So, I have a drawer in the kitchen that is just for her ... it's full of tupperware and other plastic dishes that she can't break - and her snacks. Well, a few days ago, she was entertaining herself in her drawer, and pulled out a box of raisins. She proceeded to open the box and found great joy in shaking it violently until all of the raisins were scattered across the entire kitchen floor (and beyond). Check out this face! If that doesn't say "trouble", I don't know what does! ....

And if that wasn't entertaining enough, she then decided it would be a good idea to slide around the floor on her tummy and eat them straight off of the floor (without her hands). It was pretty hilarious, I have to say! I think she and Stella (the dog) have been spending a little too much time together. :)-

But here's the best part ... ten minutes later, when I decided it was time to go clean up the mess, I came back around the corner into the kitchen to find her carefully trying to put the raisins back in the box, one by one! Maybe there's hope yet! :-)


  1. HAHAHA! That's awesome, Bec! Thanks for sharing your bit of joy with us.


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