Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break ... beach, zoo, and baby Cameron :-)

This past week was Spring Break for me, and Lucy and I had a very busy week! We started out the week at the beach with Nana and Aunt Steph. This was Lucy's first "mobile" trip to the beach, and she LOVED running on the beach ... mostly in an effort to get INTO the ocean! This girl has no fear (which means Mama has EXTRA fear!).

On Tuesday, it was a beautiful day (almost 70 degrees), so we headed to the zoo with Kristen and cousins Ava and Ella. This adventure to the zoo was definitely more exciting for Lucy than the first trip when she was just 7 months old. She really loved seeing the animals! In this picture, she's laughing at the zebras (which she kept calling "horses" ... gee, I wonder why?:)-
Standing in front of the hippo exhibit ...
Ella, Ava, and Lucy, parked in front of the elephants after our picnic lunch.
This was the best part of the day ... the orangutans are my favorite zoo animal - I think they are SOOO cute! This orangutan, Inji, was sitting right at the glass, and Lucy (the aforementioned child with no fear) went right up and put her finger "on" Inji's nose...
...had a stare-down with the orangutan...
...and then leaned forward with a big "mmmmmwa!" kiss right on the glass! A resounding "aaaawww!" came from the crowd of about 30 people who had gathered around by this point.
They kind of look alike, huh? :)- Probably a good thing there was glass separating the two or Inji might have kept Lucy for awhile ... and Lucy probably would have been just fine with that!

Spring Break week ended with a happy surprise! One of my best friends and Lucy's "Auntie Sherry", gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, Cameron, late Friday night. This picture shows Lucy meeting Cameron ... she was trying to give him her blankie (which is kind of a big deal for Lucy - she LOVES that blankie!). I know these two kiddos will share lots of happy times together in the weeks, months, and years ahead!


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