Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, 2010!

The Easter festivities had to begin with dyeing Easter eggs. Lucy mostly just wanted to pick the eggs up and throw them though, so I did most of the work while Nana kept her occupied! :)-

My bowl full of pretty eggs ...

Sunday morning we went to church, and Lucy enjoyed singing "Ee-i-ee-i-oh!" at the top of her lungs while the rest of us sang "Christ the Lord is risen today ... A-a-a-a-al-le-e-lu-u-ia!" :-) And after church, we headed over to my Grandma's house for brunch. Here is Lucy in her rocking chair with GG's Easter bunny.

Getting her rubber boots on, preparing to go outside (or "side", as Lucy says) for egg hunting. (The boots didn't last long though - kept falling off, so we had to switch to the good ol' romeos instead!:-)

Her basket is almost as big as she is, so she literally DRUG the basket all over the yard... but she got the job done! :-)
Once she figured out the general idea - to pick up the eggs and put them in the basket, she really went to town!
Unfortunately, while dragging the basket, she would end up losing about three eggs every time she added one ... and then she would turn around and be excited about the three more she saw behind her. We went around in circles with the same eight or nine eggs several times. :)-

I spent a minute this morning looking at Easter pictures from last year. It is so crazy to see the difference in Lucy now. I remember last year, feeling like she had gotten so big already by the time Easter came around (and she was almost 6 months old). I also remember thinking ... "next year, she'll be able to actually hunt for Easter eggs!" - and yep, sure enough! I blinked, and Easter was here again, and there was Lucy - picking up Easter eggs in the yard. Although it is so sad to see the time go, it somehow manages to get more and more fun all the time. She brought so much happiness and laughter to our day today - just as she does every day! What a blessing!

Happy Easter to the friends and family who read our blog! May we all remember to celebrate the amazing power of God's love EVERY day - not just on this day. :-)


  1. Oh Becca... Looking at your blog makes me want to cry. You have such an amazing little girl andI am so lucky to be part of her life. I love you both so much!!!


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