Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Potty training update...

Okay, so apparently I got a little ahead of myself there. Since my last blog post - well - let's just say things haven't been going so well in the potty training department. We had a few days in there of screaming every time she sat on the potty, we had lots of tears and crying, we had absolutely refusing to go potty on the potty - but then going on the floor the second we got off the potty, we had lots of junior mints, we moved on from junior mints to fruit snacks to mix things up a little, we have had messes on the floor (I'm not even going to give you all the details there ... just use your imagination), lots of laundry, and finally ... have given up! Ha! So much for potty training.

I think I'll give it a week or two and try again ... better luck next time, maybe?!?
Ugh. Not a fan.


  1. The reason babies can't go potty by themselves is due to the fact that their nerves between their bladder and the reflex in the brain aren't able to communicate yet. This connection happens at a different time for every baby, so it can't really be forced! She will figure it out, and good luck until then :)


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