Monday, September 6, 2010

Bye-bye, summer...

Oh boy ... it's the last night before another school year starts up again. I can't help but think about last year at this time ... ugh. NOT good memories. I was a mess. There's just no other way to put it. I had rocked Lucy to sleep, crying my eyes out and prayed that the day would never end so that I didn't have to go back to work and leave my baby. :(
But ... I survived. And now, somehow an ENTIRE year has gone by since that stressful, tearful night that seems like it was just yesterday (that alone is enough to make me burst into tears again .. where DOES the time go, anyway!?! And why does it seem to go by faster and faster every year ...?)
People keep saying ... "I bet it's so much easier to leave Lucy this year" - and in a way, yes, of course it is. But on the other hand, it is harder this year than I thought it would be. Thank goodness for the blessings that will get me through it again...
For starters, we have the best nanny in the world coming back to stay here with Lucy every day ... we know Joy well now and are completely comfortable with her, so that is a BIG deal! And also, I know that I have been here in this place before and that it WILL get easier every day and I CAN do this.

Today, as I was leaving a BBQ at my dad's house, my sister-in-law said, "Good luck tomorrow" (with a "poor you" look on her face) ... I responded, "At least I have the BEST job!" And I think that's the final thing that gets me through these tough nights. Thank goodness for kindergartners. :-) They make me happy. And they make me laugh.

But before this summer break is over (in a few hours), I wanted to post some pictures of the last fun summertime things that Lucy has been up to ...
The carousel! Boy oh boy, did she LOVE that! We went once with Mick and Collin and once with Nana. :-)

Zoo! We had a fun day at the zoo with Nana and "Sepee"(Stephie).

One last beach trip with Nana to Gleneden Beach. :-)

Family reunion up at the lake - it was a HOT day, but it was beautiful up there - as always. :-) Lucy had fun playing in the water with Steph and a bunch of little cousins (Grace, pictured above with Lucy).
Ross Coleman rodeo! She LOVED it ... and she really loved Carter's hat. :)~ We had a fun night with John, Rachael, Carter, Matt, Angie, Briana, and Ashley. :-)
... and some every day fun like riding horses (with Mick, above) ... and eating lots of corn on the cob! :-) Yum!
It really was a fun summer ... even if it did seem way too short! But then again ... if it didn't seem that way, we wouldn't look forward to it so much every year! :)~
Fall... here we come! Bring on the pumpkin patches, beautiful leaves, apple cider, and a special little girl's 2nd birthday party! :-) YAY! Can't wait ...


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