Thursday, October 7, 2010

Can you tell I'm a little busy ...?

Well, I guess I can't expect too much, considering it is the BUSIEST month of my entire year. Getting back into the school/work schedule, volleyball every day ... it does make the time go by quickly, but that's not always a good thing!

I feel like I blinked and we're already in the middle of October ... my little girl is going to be TWO in a few weeks!!! (Minnie Mouse birthday party in the works ... so excited!)

In the midst of my busy schedule, my favorite part of the day is about 7:00 every morning when Lucy wakes up. Lately, the first words I hear over the baby monitor are "Mama's bed!?" (that's my cue to get up and go get her ... and bring her back to bed with me for a good half-hour of snuggle time:). LOVE it!

She is my little sweetheart, for sure ... now she says "I yud you!" when I leave every day and "Look who's here!" when I walk in the door (right before she runs across the room and jumps into my arms).

I know this is about 3 weeks late, but here are some pictures of her over Oktoberfest weekend. She is wearing my old dirndl from when I was a little girl ... Grandma nipped and tucked to make it work for my little peanut this year! SO cute! We had so many people stop us and ask if they could take her picture!
I adore this picture.
She stood down by the fruit monument, just waving at people - it was hilarious!
She definitely loves being the center of attention!
With Mama and Auntie Sherry (with her eyes closed!)


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