Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of going on our annual adventure with the Thompson's to Bauman Farms. It was pouring rain all weekend, but Sunday afternoon cleared up, and we had a perfect Fall day at the pumpkin patch.
Here is Lucy, modeling her new boots - she LOVES her "boooots!". (*side note: years ago, when my niece (Lucy's cousin), Ashley, had these boots, I remember thinking they were just the cutest things ever - so I am so excited that Lucy can finally fit into some "big girl rain boots" of her own! :-)
Walking toward the store with Daddy. First things first: doughnuts (and hot cider for Mommy).
Lucy enjoyed the chickens and the goats the most, I think ... she even tried kissing a goat! :)~
Ryan helped Lucy feed the goats, too! She thought that was pretty funny. :-)
She had fun pointing out all of the pumpkins...
... and playing in the hay.
But what she REALLY loved was... the PUDDLES!!!
She spent the majority of our time at the farm running from one puddle to the next (and yes, she fell in one, too).
Our attempt at a family picture on the hay ride ... not so good. Lucy wasn't at all interested in holding still for a picture. She wanted to run around the hay trailer instead (did I mention she's almost a (terrible) two year old!?)
Ryan, Sherry, and Cam's family photo was much more successful. Cam is still in the "easily entertained" stage!:)~ So cute ... smiling at Dad.

Thanks for a fun day, Bauman Farms! See you next year! :-)
P.S. Lucy can now count to 12 (for the past few weeks!). That's higher than half my kindergartners can count!? I might have a smarty-pants on my hands. :)~


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