Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby Jesus is missing! ...

I got Lucy the Fisher-Price nativity set a couple of weeks ago. It is adorable, and I love it as much as she does. I think we can all remember the nativity set our moms kept up on the mantle or the top of the piano or high on a shelf that we weren't supposed to touch! Really doesn't make much sense, considering the goal is to teach kids the true meaning of Christmas ... kinda hard to do when it's high up on a shelf that the kids can hardly see, let alone touch! (OK, OK ... I have one, too) ... which is why I thought the Fisher-Price version would be a GREAT idea!
So ... Joseph, Mary, Jesus, the three wise men, and a few farm animals have set up camp on our coffee table in the living room. Lucy plays with them ALL the time. She loves telling me who they all are over and over and over ... and her favorite is definitely "Baby Jesus" (the way she says it is so darn cute, too!).
Now, to get to the point of this little story... The other night, after putting Lucy to bed, I came downstairs and started a mom's nightly ritual of straightening things up, putting toys away, etc. I noticed that the nativity set was perfectly set up, with everyone in their place ... except one.
Here is what it looked like: might notice, one important character seems to be missing from the middle of the stable. Baby Jesus is missing! Where could he be...?

I looked under the table, in the couch cushions, in the toy box, in the book bin ... and finally gave up and went to clean up the kitchen ... where Lucy's grocery cart hangs out ... and this is what I found:
She may not be old enough to have put Jesus in her heart yet, but He's definitely made it into the child seat of her grocery cart! Too cute.
Kinda like this face:
Good night! :-)


  1. That is awesome Bec, I think we should all put Jesus in our shopping carts more often. It makes me think back to when I worked at Canyonview and all the times I had my Canyonview shirts on with verses on the back, claiming I was a christian and yet I would go to Safeway and I was tired and overworked and I couldn't even smile at people let alone be an example of Christ to them. So good reminder Lucy... I need to put Jesus in my shopping cart!

  2. I seriously love this! What a sweet, sweet child! :)

  3. love it!! i love this set. we just got it too. put it on my toddler gift list yesterday on the blog. she loves it!! and we are always looking for baby jesus!


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