Thursday, November 11, 2010


Whew! We did it. We gave up the binky. And by "we", I don't really mean Lucy - as she really had no part in the decision, but ... well, mommy was getting a little tired of the binky in the mouth ALL the time! By a couple of weeks ago, it got to the point that Lucy was wanting that binky more and more ... my attempt at keeping it only for night-night time was no longer working. But how were we going to "quit the binky"!?!
I read a really cool idea about the "binky fairy" coming and taking the binkies in the middle of the night and replacing them with a note and a special toy/treat/etc. But Lucy isn't really old enough to "get" that whole concept yet, so on to Plan B...
...which was...LEAVE IT AT CHURCH! (And no, this wasn't on purpose.) But a couple of weeks ago, we did just that. We discovered it was gone while getting in the car after the service ... Scott even went back in to get it, but couldn't find it, so we had to suffer through (the screaming and crying most of the way home). Although we had several backups stashed in the cupboard at home, I decided to go with the "Sorry, we left binky at church" story and see what would happen ...
I'm not gonna lie - it was rough for the first few days. ESPECIALLY nap/bedtime. Sheesh. And who could forget the following conversation we had about 450 times a day for a while:

Lucy: Where's the binky? (in her saddest, most pathetic voice)
Me: Sorry, we left the binky at church...
Lucy: Go get it. (in same pleading voice)
Me: Nope, sorry. Binky is all gone, we left it at church.
Lucy: GO GET IT! (in voice becoming desperate...)
You get the idea.

Yep ... good times, I tell you. Thank goodness for blankie, which just had to suffice as sole comforter.
But was it all worth it? I think it was - four or five days later, she stopped asking (except for maybe once a day), and now - two weeks later - I haven't heard any mention of the "B word" in days! Yahoo!
Now ... if only I could win the potty training battle. Nope. She's still not potty trained. And yes, I know it "looked" like she was going to be potty trained months ago (if you've been reading my posts over the past four or five months). But no. That was just a big joke, apparently. At least Lucy thinks so.


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