Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Cookies 2010

Oh boy. I think there's a reason why Christmas cookies only come around once a year. I don't think I'd like to see another Christmas cookie - or any cookie, for that matter - until at least next November.

Today was our annual cookie baking extravaganza. We used to hold this tradition at Grandma's house every year, but since my mom now has 14 ovens and more counter space than the rest of our houses put together, we've unanimously decided it is much better suited to her house! (And no - she doesn't really have 14 ovens ... but close.)

Here are some photos from the day ...
(my awesome Grandma)

(Sherry, cookie decorator extraordinaire! ... her amazingly stunning fish/stocking was my favorite of the day. I thought it was a fish, she said it was a stocking ... who knows? It was funny, that's all I know.)

(How many people does it take to operate a microwave..?)

And here is the end result (or at least some of the end result). Yes, we had a busy day!
... And now you can see why I said I would be happy not to see another cookie until next November.

Nana had a cute little table all set up for Lucy, complete with her very own cookie cutters and rolling pin.

But for the most part, Lucy spent the day doing this ...
and this...
and this ...
and last but not least, this ...
*Missed you, Bef. :(


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