Friday, December 17, 2010

I lub you ...

Just had to share this (only so I don't forget) ...
Today is a crazy morning. I am running around the house, cleaning and straightening and getting ready for my staff Christmas party here tonight. Needless to say, I haven't spent a whole lot of quality time with Lucy this morning (although I did make her a yummy waffle, which I think she enjoyed - she ate every last bite!).

Anyway - I was just standing at the counter, wrapping our presents for the white elephant gift game, and Lucy came wandering into the kitchen, hugged my leg, and said (in her sweet little voice), "I lub you!". Oh man. Made my day! She has been saying "I lub you" for a while now - but only when prompted or when we say it to her first. So this was a precious moment. I subsequently sat down on the kitchen floor and squeezed her and kissed her for five minutes. Well ... maybe not quite that long, but that's only because she doesn't stay in one place for that long - ever.

One blessed and happy mama :-)


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