Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kuenzi Christmas 2010

This past weekend, we celebrated Christmas with the Kuenzi family at Wes and Sarah's house.
In case you're wondering ... yes, this is a LARGE group of people. Scott is the baby of 12 kids, so if you count them and their spouses, all the grandkids (I've lost track of how many) and many of their boyfriends/girlfriends/fiances/etc., and three great-grandkids, that equals A LOT of people.
Here is my attempt at getting a good picture of Scott with his brothers and sisters(-1)(+Uncle Alfred):
Oddly enough (yes, I'm being sarcastic), they are all laughing at Scott in this one, I think...
Wes's eyes are closed, Loyal's eyes are closed ...
Neal's eyes are closed, Kerry isn't looking...
(and then there were about 6 more with more eyes closed before I finally got a good one....well, sort of, anyway. :-)


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