Monday, December 6, 2010

New camera, Carson, and Collin ...

Yep, finally bit the bullet and bought a "real" (DSLR) camera a few weeks ago. And boy-oh-boy am I having fun with it! It's amazing ... when you push the button ... (wait for it) .... it takes a picture!!! No three second delay, blurry pictures, etc. SO much better.
Mick needed some pictures of the boys for her Christmas card, so I offered to give it a shot (haha) with my camera. And I just had to put some of the pictures up here. These guys are just TOO cute.
(*side note: No, I do not have aspirations of becoming a "real" photographer. These pictures are a result of a semi-good camera and nothing else. Heck, I hardly even know how to work the thing yet! I need to do lots of reading - and maybe take a class ... but I just think it's fun, and I'm excited to be able to take better pictures of Lucy through the years.:-)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... enjoy these cutie patooties!
Mick and I decided this looked like it could be his senior picture, he looks so old! :(

But this...

...and this...
...and even THIS is how we spent most of our "photo shoot". I think Collin was about ready to take my camera and hit me with it! He was NOT in the mood for picture-taking! :)~

But Laredo, his good buddy, stopped by to cheer him up a little bit. :-)

And then there was this picture. My favorite of the day. Is he cute, or what!?! I sure hope he and Lucy get married some day ... (or that might be kinda like marrying family which is just wrong, so maybe not...).

Well anyway. On that note, more pictures of Collin and Lucy tomorrow. Or maybe the next day. Or the day after that. :-)


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