Friday, July 23, 2010

Potty training is life ...

... well, it's MY life, anyway! :)~
Oh my goodness. How on earth did Lucy get old enough to be POTTY TRAINING already?!?!?

I just can't believe how "grown up" she is becoming...
I decided last week just to see what would happen if I put her on the potty ... and guess what? She went! I just about fell over. Actually, what I REALLY did was scream, which just about scared her right off the potty! :( At that point, I figured she would probably never do it again! But the next time I put her up there, she went again! :)~
So ... pretty much, a week into "potty training", as long as we're home, she can stay dry all day! (Then again, that's only because I'm putting her on the potty just about every 30 minutes! ... and because I'm bribing her with Junior Mints!:-) She'll even poop on the potty, which I've heard is something that's more difficult for toddlers to learn..? The next goal, however, is figuring out how to get her to TELL me when she has to go!?!
Oh well ... it's an adventure. That's for sure. I can tell you one thing though ... I've never spent so much time in a bathroom in my life. And I've never been so excited about poop, either! Wow, I am officially a mom now, I guess. (As if giving birth wasn't enough ... now I get to spend 12 hours a day in the bathroom and cheer for poop!:)~ But I love it. And I wouldn't trade it for the world. :-)
Good job, baby girl ... Mama is so proud of you!!! :-)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The "Box"

Now that we're actually home and the weather is finally summer-like, it's been so fun to be outside with Lucy most of the time. On twenty acres, there's pretty much always somewhere new to walk and something new to investigate. But who needs to go far when you have the world's BIGGEST sandbox!?!
Daddy built Lucy a HUGE (like 25ft. x 40ft.) sandbox -- or, as Lucy calls it "BOX!?" ... I'm telling you, this thing is about a quarter of the size of my arena! And he conveniently built it right outside of the arena so that the kids (Lucy, Mickey's kids, and all of her riding student's siblings, etc.) have something to do while we ride. It has been a really awesome addition!
When he got this year's annual sand load for the arena, he just got an extra load for the sandbox, so it's fine, soft beach sand ... even I like to just lay in it, close my eyes, and pretend that I'm at the beach! Ha! :)~
Lucy has been spending hours and hours in the "BOX!?" (that's how she says it ... like she's asking "Can we please go in the sandbox NOW???").
Here are some pictures from a week or so ago...

Auntie Sherry and Cam were hanging out this day, too ... while Mickey rides in the background. Fun times on Twin Rakes Lane ... :-)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eagle Crest 2010

Every summer since I was about ten years old, we have gone to Eagle Crest for a week in early summer. Our condo there is like home comfortable - and the ultimate place to relax in the sunny, dry, Central Oregon heat, surrounded by the beautiful golf course and snow-capped mountains, and that SMELL. Aaaaahhh. There is nothing better than the smell of juniper, sage, and pine trees. The very first thing I do after rolling into Sisters is roll down the windows and take a deep breath.
Here is a picture from one of my favorite spots on my morning walks around the resort ... just gorgeous.
Our Eagle Crest vacation always begins with a stop in Sisters on our way to the resort. We eat lunch, shop in the cute little stores, and this year - had ice cream. Lucy was very excited to have her OWN cone (thanks to Nana).

Scott came for the weekend, and Saturday night, we all went in to Bend for shopping at Old Mill and dinner at Pastini. Lucy thoroughly enjoyed eating her macaroni and cheese with a fork BY HERSELF! (I think Nana had less fun trying to control the flying noodles!:)~

Here are Lucy and Daddy, walking along the river outside the restaurant after dinner.
A walk outside our condo...
...And playing on the stairs in the condo! .... These stairs don't have a baby gate at the bottom like the ones at home!! :)~

The place where we definitely spent the most time was the POOL! Lucy has absolutely NO fear of the water, whatsoever (kind of scary!). I think she would have been perfectly happy left in the pool all day, every day.
Nana had to teach her how to blow bubbles in the water.
Making faces with Stephi...
... and Nana. :)~

It was an awesome week ... we came home happy, relaxed, and TAN! :)~ Can't wait to go back next year!