Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1 and 3/4

I was just thinking about how every three months during a baby's first year is a big deal ... 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, etc... and although we (and by "we", I mean Lucy) are in the midst of our second year, my mind still likes to think of milestones in terms of 3 months...
So, with that being said, a week or so ago, Lucy officially turned 1 and 3/4 (21 months for you math-challenged people reading this:)~

She has been growing and changing so much lately - especially in the last three months, I think. ...Or maybe I just notice it more now since I'm home with her all day every day during the summer ... (great, something else to make me feel guilty about going back to work again in a few weeks). But anyway - I just want to update what she's doing these days...
Here's the (short) list ... and no, it's probably not going to be very short, but in comparison to all of the "new" things she's doing, it IS short:

*We've started (and stopped and started again and stopped again and ... you get the idea) potty training. Oh, joy! On the one hand, I can't wait for her to be potty trained, but on the other hand, I don't even mind changing diapers because as long as I'm changing diapers, I'll still feel like she's my "baby" (yes, I WILL make sure she's potty trained by the time she's 18 ... maybe even 15 - don't worry!).
*She's talking up a storm now. I was just looking back at her 18 month post, and I commented on a few of the words she was saying then ... now, just three months later, she is saying almost EVERYTHING! Yesterday, while having lunch at Chevy's, she said "guacamole!" for goodness sake! It really is amazing. And it's not just words she's saying either, but phrases now ... which is definitely new just in the last few months, too. Her adorable little "thank you, Mama" and "welcome, Mama" just seriously melts my heart (about 100 times a day). Oh yeah - and "Bess you, Mama" - that's a good one, too!

*She can answer the question, "What's your name?"!!! I figured that out randomly the other day as she was sitting in the grocery cart while I loaded all of the groceries onto the conveyer belt. The lady behind us in line was being entertained by Lucy and asked her what her name was ... Lucy pointed to herself and said "Yucy!" (come on now, L's are hard to say at 1 and 3/4, right..?)

*No more baby gate at the bottom of the stairs! (Well, technically it's still there, but only for her entertainment purposes ... she likes going through the gate and then shutting ME out while she goes upstairs and runs around like a wild monkey by herself! :)~ I think she was probably ready for this "step" before I was ... it is SO hard to trust that she isn't going to fall down the stairs and knock all of her teeth out (or worse!).

*She's become quite the singing machine! Her current favorite, "Bockabye, Yucy..." which she rocks back and forth and sings to herself when she's tired. It is so cute/hilarious/adorable/sweet/and all those other words... I'm telling you. I will try to get it on camera one of these days - although I'm not sure what the point is since my videos on this silly blogger thing don't work half the time anyway! :( But I'll still give it a shot...

*And she loves blueberries. She eats about a 1/2 lb. of them a day. OK, I'm going to stop there for now.
I just have been amazed over and over by her lately ... well, always. But she sure does make me smile a lot. I really do think I have the most special little girl there is. :-) And yes ... I'm probably a tad bit biased. But you would agree if you got to spend every day with her, too - I just know it! :-)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A long overdue visit

Last year, I often posted pictures of Lucy with her cousin Grace - born just a week and a half apart. Well ... after going back to work last Fall, our visits up to the Ferlan family had to stop (boo!). But now that it's summertime, we finally made it back up the hill for a long overdue visit with Melissa, Wyatt, Grace, and Ellie (a new addition to their family!) ... and their new house! (so excited for them!)
Getting the chance to hang out with them for a couple of hours sure did make me miss our regular monthly visits from last year. :( But nonetheless, it was a great morning spent with cousins! Here are two pictures, a year apart ... look how much Grace and Lucy have grown in a year's time! It's so crazy to think, last year when this picture was taken, they had only been sitting up on their own for a few weeks ... and now, they're little monkeys running around everywhere! :-)
(July 26, 2009)

(July 27, 2010)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Potty training update...

Okay, so apparently I got a little ahead of myself there. Since my last blog post - well - let's just say things haven't been going so well in the potty training department. We had a few days in there of screaming every time she sat on the potty, we had lots of tears and crying, we had absolutely refusing to go potty on the potty - but then going on the floor the second we got off the potty, we had lots of junior mints, we moved on from junior mints to fruit snacks to mix things up a little, we have had messes on the floor (I'm not even going to give you all the details there ... just use your imagination), lots of laundry, and finally ... have given up! Ha! So much for potty training.

I think I'll give it a week or two and try again ... better luck next time, maybe?!?
Ugh. Not a fan.