Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dear Lucy,

Almost three years ago, our lives changed forever when we found out that you were on the way. I still remember the wave of emotion I felt in those moments after I spotted that little pink line on that pregnancy test. I was filled with elation, terror, anticipation and joy all in the same split second. Daddy and I were so, so happy to be expecting you!

Being pregnant with you seemed to drag on forever as I counted the days to my due date and prayed for you and your arrival. I remember the first time I felt you kick me and how special it was. A special connection to you, my baby, that only I could experience.

It's only been two years, but I don't think I'll ever forget the moment I first laid eyes on you. You were so perfect. More perfect than I ever could have imagined. I remember thanking God in that moment as my heart overflowed with joy ... more joy than I had ever experienced.

When you were tiny and new, I would think about how quickly you were growing and how very much I loved you, and I couldn't hold back tears. And it only got better. That first year of watching you grow was nothing short of amazing. You became the center of our world and we wouldn't want it any other way. You learned to give hugs and kisses and say our names, and we fell in love with you all over again (and again and again).

Today, you turn two. Two! I don't know how that happened. Sometimes it makes me sad that you have to grow up. I want you to stay little so I can always rock you to sleep and make you feel better with a hug and a kiss. But then I remember that I wished the same thing last year - when you turned one. And I can't imagine missing out on this wonderful year of you turning two.

This morning, on your birthday, you woke up crying extra-early - about 6:00 a.m. Maybe so I wouldn’t miss 6:20 a.m. going by on the clock - the exact moment that you came into this world 24 months ago. In between sobs, I could hear, “Mama’s bed” coming through the baby monitor. I went upstairs and asked you what was the matter, and in your sweet little sleepy voice you said “hold you” (which is what you say instead of “hold me” ... and I couldn’t wait to “hold you” and snuggle with you in “Mama’s bed”. And I wondered if you will still want to snuggle in my bed next year on this day. I hope so. Snuggling with my baby is the most perfect start to my day.

And today, my baby is turning into my sweet little two year old. And even though at this moment I'm not sure how, I'm sure that I'm going to love you more tomorrow than I loved you today.

Happy birthday, baby. I love you to the moon and back... and then some more.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lucy Lu turns 2!

No, her middle name is not Lu - it's Elaine. And no, she hasn't "officially" turned 2 yet - but she's pretty close, and we did celebrate with a very special Minnie Mouse birthday party yesterday! :-)
Lucy LOVES Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto like no other - so I decided a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party would be a good idea this year.

First on my party planning checklist was the cake. When I asked my niece, Krystina (who is starting her own cake business), if she would make a cake for Lucy's birthday ... I had no idea it would be THIS AMAZING. Wow. Couldn't have asked for anything more spectacular than that!
And there were the adorable coordinating cupcakes, too ... which were equally delicious!
... just ask Lucy! :)~
Oh, and she blew out one of her two candles all by herself, too!
Family picture (attempt #4) - trying to keep Scott's eyes open and Lucy's face out of the cupcake at the same time = impossible. You only get one or the other. So we're going with this one.
After she had finished destroying - I mean, eating - her cupcake, I decided we should probably cut into that beautiful cake to serve to the guests - so we set the cake next to Lucy first so that I could get a picture of the two of them together. :)~ First, she did this...
... and then, she did THIS! She had everyone laughing pretty hard! It was a perfect moment! :-)
Cute Minnie Mouse party hats!
This is a good look for you, Jonathan. :)~
Then there were the presents ...
...and more presents!
I think her favorites are the shopping cart and the baby doll (that is riding in the shopping cart).

Getting a little tired, I think... :)~
And what birthday party would be complete without your favorite person!? Dani and Lucy tried out most of her new toys right away.
Happy Birthday, my little Lucy Lu! I love you to the moon and back and then some more. :-)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of going on our annual adventure with the Thompson's to Bauman Farms. It was pouring rain all weekend, but Sunday afternoon cleared up, and we had a perfect Fall day at the pumpkin patch.
Here is Lucy, modeling her new boots - she LOVES her "boooots!". (*side note: years ago, when my niece (Lucy's cousin), Ashley, had these boots, I remember thinking they were just the cutest things ever - so I am so excited that Lucy can finally fit into some "big girl rain boots" of her own! :-)
Walking toward the store with Daddy. First things first: doughnuts (and hot cider for Mommy).
Lucy enjoyed the chickens and the goats the most, I think ... she even tried kissing a goat! :)~
Ryan helped Lucy feed the goats, too! She thought that was pretty funny. :-)
She had fun pointing out all of the pumpkins...
... and playing in the hay.
But what she REALLY loved was... the PUDDLES!!!
She spent the majority of our time at the farm running from one puddle to the next (and yes, she fell in one, too).
Our attempt at a family picture on the hay ride ... not so good. Lucy wasn't at all interested in holding still for a picture. She wanted to run around the hay trailer instead (did I mention she's almost a (terrible) two year old!?)
Ryan, Sherry, and Cam's family photo was much more successful. Cam is still in the "easily entertained" stage!:)~ So cute ... smiling at Dad.

Thanks for a fun day, Bauman Farms! See you next year! :-)
P.S. Lucy can now count to 12 (for the past few weeks!). That's higher than half my kindergartners can count!? I might have a smarty-pants on my hands. :)~

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Can you tell I'm a little busy ...?

Well, I guess I can't expect too much, considering it is the BUSIEST month of my entire year. Getting back into the school/work schedule, volleyball every day ... it does make the time go by quickly, but that's not always a good thing!

I feel like I blinked and we're already in the middle of October ... my little girl is going to be TWO in a few weeks!!! (Minnie Mouse birthday party in the works ... so excited!)

In the midst of my busy schedule, my favorite part of the day is about 7:00 every morning when Lucy wakes up. Lately, the first words I hear over the baby monitor are "Mama's bed!?" (that's my cue to get up and go get her ... and bring her back to bed with me for a good half-hour of snuggle time:). LOVE it!

She is my little sweetheart, for sure ... now she says "I yud you!" when I leave every day and "Look who's here!" when I walk in the door (right before she runs across the room and jumps into my arms).

I know this is about 3 weeks late, but here are some pictures of her over Oktoberfest weekend. She is wearing my old dirndl from when I was a little girl ... Grandma nipped and tucked to make it work for my little peanut this year! SO cute! We had so many people stop us and ask if they could take her picture!
I adore this picture.
She stood down by the fruit monument, just waving at people - it was hilarious!
She definitely loves being the center of attention!
With Mama and Auntie Sherry (with her eyes closed!)