Sunday, January 2, 2011

Doggie, the candy thief...

Lucy is getting smarter, that's for sure. Just had to share this story from last week....

I was making breakfast one morning when Lucy wandered into the kitchen and eventually ended up at Daddy's candy drawer (for those of you who don't know, Daddy is a candy MONSTER!:)~. Before I could catch her, she had already swiped a junior mint and run off around the corner. I told her "no more!" and turned back around to check on the french toast on the stove top.

Before long, she was back for more, and this is how the story continued:
Mama: Lucy, I told you no more candy. That's Daddy's candy.
Lucy creeps closer to the drawer.
Mama: Lucy, stay away from the candy drawer, please.
Lucy stands under the candy drawer and slowly starts to reach for the handle.
Mama: Lucy, if you touch that candy drawer again, you're getting a spank.
Lucy runs around the corner, and (with my back turned) I can hear her return a minute later.
And then in her sweet, innocent little voice ... she says, "Doggie open it ...?"

A little confused, I turned around to see this: (luckily, my camera was sitting on the kitchen counter!)
Apparently, I forgot to mention that Doggie was not allowed in the candy drawer, either.
Don't let her cute face fool you, she is a tricky one!
And this was her laying on the floor, throwing a fit after I still wouldn't let her get into the candy drawer ...

For some reason, I have a feeling there will be many more stories like this this year....
Happy New Year!


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