Saturday, January 22, 2011

finally ... a sunny day in January!

This picture was taken almost a year ago to this day...

It was kind of funny to realize that exactly a year ago, we were doing the exact same thing: taking advantage of a (long overdue) SUNNY day in the middle of winter with a ride on Ace - with Dani, of course. :-)

I think there are few things that make my heart sing more than seeing my baby on a horse. :-) (and clearly, loving it!)
And watching her brush down her horse afterwards is pretty sweet, too ... well, she brushes the underside of his belly and his kneecaps pretty good, anyhow! :)~
And this picture I love, too. That is my old wooden rocking horse from when I was a little kid. Someone made it for me (a great uncle or something?... I'll have to ask my mom about that), and seeing Lucy on it now is pretty special. :-) I think she likes riding this horsey because she can get on and off by herself! :)~


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I love EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. :-)