Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the things she says ...

Lately, it seems like we've gone from being amazed (and entertained) by the words Lucy says to the phrases and sentences she says.
Today, I got home from work to find she and Joy sitting at the kitchen table, munching on Cheerios (well, Lucy was munching on Cheerios, anyway:-). Joy said they had spent most of the afternoon (minus nap time) just sitting and talking ... and Joy said the latest funnyisms today were "yikes!" and "holy moly!". :)~
Here are a few of the other funny things she's saying these days ...
  • Oh my goodness/gosh/stars! (I mentioned in an earlier Christmas post this was a favorite as she was opening presents).
  • What's the matter, ........ huuuuuh? (if you could only hear her say this - she drags out the "huh?" for at least a few seconds - makes me laugh every time!)
  • Oh! There it is! ... (which she says ALL the time because she loves asking where things are - even though she already knows ... except when she says it, it sounds more like "Oh! Dar Diz!" - like she has some kind of crazy accent - so funny!)
  • I'm sad (in her cutest little pouty voice, anytime she is upset that she didn't get her way).
  • Oopsie-doodles! (I think she learned this one from Nana:-)
  • I comin' too! (as she's following me everywhere I go!)
  • Darn it! (and always at just the right time - hilarious!)
  • Ooooh, boy. (when accidents happen)
  • Mama's proud of you! (every time she does something she knows will make me happy:-)
  • And my latest favorite - she gets "No way, Jose'" and "Sorry, Charlie" (both things I often say to her) mixed up, and says "Sorry, Jose'!"
We often find ourselves saying, "What will she come up with next!?"
Who knows!? But it's probably going to be good for a laugh. :-)


  1. She is so cute! Just wait... the isms get better and better. I have a whole category of Bella-isms.


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