Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photographer's Workshop, Lesson #1

OK, so in case I forgot to mention it, I got a nifty new camera ... a "REAL" camera ... a few months ago.
(Here it is!)
i LOVE it.
And now I am obsessed with taking pictures ... even more so than I was before! Poor Lucy. She is gonna have to get used to a camera in her face OFTEN.
Anyway. If you've seen my "35 by 35" list, you'll notice that numero uno on the list is taking a photography class to learn how to USE my nifty new camera! (gee, there's a concept, eh?)


I'm taking The Photographer's Workshop with Karen Russell... thanks to the awesome referral from Melissa (thank you, thank you, thank you!). I am only two weeks into the class, and I am already overwhelmed, dazed, confused .... and in love with this new obsession of mine. Wow. There is a LOT to learn! And I'm pretty sure after the class is complete, I will need to go back through all of my material at least sixteen more times before I actually comprehend it.

Lesson one this past week was on viewpoint and composition of a photo ...
Here is my little attempt at completing my assignment. We had to have some "good" examples and some "bad" examples ... but my problem is, I'm so in love with my subject, they all just tend to look "GOOD" to me! :)~
Thank goodness for helpful, friendly critiques from my classmates.
If you know something about photography ... or even if you don't, give me your thoughts on these!

(*Side note: goal #8 on my 35 by 35 list is happening in 9 days!!!!! Crazy excited!!!!!)


Thank you for your comments!
I love EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. :-)