Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweetheart alert...

How did I get so lucky to have such a SWEET girl!?
Last night, I was sitting at the kitchen counter reading through my photography lessons. Lucy had been playing in the living room with Daddy, and I hadn't really even noticed her standing next to my chair (and tugging on my leg!) .... but when I finally looked down and turned my attention to her, she said, "You're so booful, Mama!".
Oh geez. How do you top that!?
I scooped her up and called to Scott, "aw, honey - did you hear that!?" ...
to which Lucy added, "Dada's booful, too!".

Then there was two nights ago when Scott got home from work and picked her up ... she started patting his back and said, "You OK, buddy?". Oh man. We about fell over laughing! It was SOOOO cute.

Later that night, she and I were "snuggying" in my chair before bedtime (that's our word for cuddling ... every night, she says "snuggy in mama's chair"). About 8:00, Scott walked over and picked her up to take her up to her bed, and she gave me and kiss and said, "thanks for snuggying me, Mama" ...
I seriously about cried.
I have the SWEETEST little girl! :-)


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