Friday, February 11, 2011

Where's the milk?

First it was Baby Jesus. Now it's the milk. Where did it go?? And yes, I looked in the shopping cart.

The other day, Lucy was upstairs playing (with the usual necessities: 1) blankie, and 2) sippy cup of milk). She came down eventually with the blankie... and no milk.

Me: Lucy, where's your milk?
Lucy: (long pause) .... I dunno!
Me: Go find it, please.
Lucy: (long pause) .... No, thank you.

Yep. This is a typical conversation in our house these days. (Hey, I guess she's POLITE while she's being defiant..? Gotta give her a little credit.:)~

Anyway. I proceeded to search high and low for that darn sippy cup. I looked in the toy bin, under the couch, in the playhouse, in the bathtub, in the garbage can (where she often likes to throw things away - regardless of whether or not they are actually garbage), etc. Could NOT find it anywhere.

So I gave up.

And 15 minutes later, it hit me (well, not literally - but you get my point). I ran back upstairs to Lucy's kitchen ...

I opened the fridge door, and look what I found!

Right next to the carton of milk and the orange juice. Of course! Why didn't I think of that earlier? Silly me!

I came walking back down the stairs with the cup ... at which point Lucy looked up and remarked, "ooooohhhh, dar diz!" (translation: there it is!).

And I'm 100% sure she knew exactly where it was the whole time. She just enjoys entertaining me --- or should I say, entertaining herself by watching her mama run around the house like a crazy person.



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