Monday, February 21, 2011

The potty training blues...

This face pretty much says it all, really ...
I realize that 6+ months ago, on this very blog, I was practically bragging about my not-even-two-year-old being almost potty trained.
Yeah, well, we never got past the almost part, unfortunately.
I think I've been blessed with the most stubborn child on the face of the planet.
More or less every day, after asking her countless times if she has to go potty - and getting a "NO!" response, I eventually lose patience and put her on the potty, ignoring the kicking and screaming, for 30 minutes straight - if not more! ....
I finally take her off after I can no longer stand the hollering coming from the bathroom (sounds something like this: " NO POTTY!!!!" x 1,000,000) .... and less than 60 seconds later, I have a puddle on the floor.
I'm not even kidding.
Trust me, I wouldn't kid about this.
I feel like I am being outsmarted by a toddler!
Not my proudest moment...

And I have tried EVERYTHING.
Bribery, potty chairs, forcing the issue, bribery, ignoring the issue, potty parties, bribery, letting her sit in her dirty diapers, potty seats with Elmo on them, bribery, the potty dance, stickers, bribery, potty books, potty videos ... and more bribery.

I give up.

At least I want to, that's for sure!

Help me.

(*Note: ya'll CAN comment here on my blog ... in fact, that'd be great! Or do I have to bribe YOU, too!? :)~


  1. Oh silly Wucy...tell her I'll bring Suki and Sushi to visit if she goes potty!

  2. Well, that would be a silly thing to do ... since you're in CALIFORNIA!
    But YAY! You left me a comment!!! How exciting! Thanks, Bef! :-)

  3. I have NO advice. Mom did it all. I do remember that one time she made Eli, who was old enough to be potty trained but wasn't, clean up his own mess. And then she made him change his own diaper. I don't remember how it all worked with Lily. I've blocked it out, it was too painful.

  4. Well, do you think your mom might want a weekend with Lucy!? Haha :)~ ....and I've tried the changing her own diaper thing. (although she can't really do that, but she tried, happily!:)

  5. Good. Luck. That's all I can say. =) Our oldest was a pleaser and was in underwear at 2y3m. Our middle, boy I thought she was stubborn, she was 2y6m. Was well able to do it before 2, she did it for a week. Just had no desire to keep it going. Our youngest (I thought our middle was the subborn one!), was finally in underwear a week before he turned three. I have absolutely no advice because we tried the same things with all three of them, bribery, positive rewards, punishment, making him change himself, not changing him at all, cloth diapers so they could feel it more, letting them run bottomless, the whooooolllleee thing. I think for Dylan the final straw was the most horrible case of diahrrea we've ever dealt with in this house, multiple blowouts and having to run around in his diaper becuase I'm not about to wash more than one pair of pants per day for a child that age, then being at the doctors and hearing me say, "nope, sorry, he's not potty trained STILL." I don't really know what it was, but it finally clicked with the younger two and then it was done. All I can say is been there, done that and like everyone else says (I always hated hearing this), she'll do it when she's ready... Good luck in the meantime, though! ((hugs))

  6. Love it, Gabi! :-) You're so right ... everyone says "she'll do it when she's ready" ... and I want to slap them! (just kidding!)
    But you do make me feel better ... I've got almost 2 months until she's officially 2 1/2, so that's my new goal. Though I don't know why I bother, since now she will hold off even longer just to spite me! :)~

  7. Rebecca:
    Have you read the book "potty training in less than a day?" I used it on Lindsey and it actually worked better on her than on Michael...but it worked on him too. But you have your child train a doll to potty and then have them show the doll they know how to potty. It is a reward system. I don't know if Lucy likes dolls, but if she does, she gets to be the teacher. Hope this helps. Maybe she's already trained by the time you read this. :-) Linda Atwell

  8. Nope, still not trained ... :)~
    And no, I have not tried this approach! And yes, she LOVES dolls. Spring Break is coming, and my goal is to give it my best shot during that week! :-) I will get the book and try your suggestion, for sure! Thanks, Linda!

  9. I really enjoyed reading this! Since my son is about the same age, I truly feel you. We are in the same boat. Almost exactly. I can say he is no closer to being potty trained today than he was when we first started..:( But thats okay!! My girls were the same way! Nothing worked, but one day, each at about the same age (almost 3, and just after turning 3)they did it on there own. Made the decision and it was done! There is hope! I think there is something to be said about it! But dont give up! ~ Jaime

  10. oh it is so nice to hear I am not the only one going through this struggle. my son screams and cries like were killing him to go potty i'm at my wits end and tried everything you names... even threatening him with the peepee monster!

  11. Good luck that all i can say, Just be patient mom, Toilet training can be one of the most difficult phases of parenting. Just dont give up.

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