Sunday, March 6, 2011

Disneyland Top 10

Just for fun ... here is my own personal version of the Disneyland Resort Top 10:

(in no particular order)

1. Pirates of the Caribbean ...this seems to be where I end up FIRST on every Disneyland trip. Just the SMELL when you walk through the doors is heavenly! (ok, it's probably just bleach:)~
(side note: last weekend, Jenny and I asked the gift shop right outside the exit of Pirates for the words to the "yo-ho, yo-ho song" ... and then enjoyed singing them throughout the attraction. :-)

2. Indiana Jones ... usually the next stop after Pirates. This attraction is just FUN - and provides a cool place to stand in line when the weather is HOT! See if you can go on enough times to go through all three doors (at the beginning) - they're all just a little different!

3. Shopping on Main Street! ...and all throughout the park, really. I love that you can find something different in EVERY shop.

4. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage ... this past trip was my first venture on this attraction (since the old days when it was just a plain ol' submarine ride). I didn't have very high hopes for being impressed, to be honest, but I was surprised at how COOL it was!

5. Soarin' Over California (in California Adventure) ... feels like you're flying over California - very awesome.

6. Bugs Life 3-D ... by far the best 3-D experience in Disneyland. I've seen it probably at least a dozen times, and it never gets old.

7. Disneyland food ... this last trip, I think I ate more meals actually IN the parks than I ever have before. I knew the ice cream, churros, and corn dogs were good ... but I was really surprised at how YUMMY the "normal" food was, too! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it ...

8. Space Mountain ... my very favorite ride in the whole resort. I don't think I could possibly go on that ride too many times in a day! (and as Jenny found out last weekend, it's SO much better with your eyes open!:)~

9. Fantasmic ... the nighttime show along the Rivers of America in Disneyland. It's magical ... and it makes me cry.

10. World of Color ... the new nighttime show in California Adventure. So awesome, it will take your breath away ... and make you cry. (or maybe that's just me:)~

Did I forget any of your favorites...?


  1. I love Disneyland! Just took daughter there last week and will be going back before the summer is over for sure! Never did the Bugs Life, so that's on the list for the next trip. Since you mentioned the food, if you like BBQ, there's a quiet spot to eat off in the back called Big Thunder Ranch. It's all-you-can-eat and it includes BBQ beans, slaw, bread, drinks. We stop there for a mid-day rest, daughter often falls asleep and then afterwards, we are recharged and ready to go again! We go everytime we are in Disneyland. Thanks for the "top 10"!!


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