Friday, March 25, 2011

Finally Friday

1.) I'm on vacation, enjoying the beautiful Oregon coast. I'm sure I will have lots of pictures to share next week! Stay tuned.

2.) Remember all that hype last weekend about the "Super Moon"...? Well, here it is. I took pictures of it from right outside my bedroom window.

I wasn't that impressed, to be honest. But that's OK - they're kinda cool pictures. :-)

3.) Baby girl has been sick this week ... can you tell by lookin at those (droopy) eyes? :(
4.) Spring Break is more-or-less over. Kinda sad. But at least I have these little cuties to look forward to seeing on Monday afternoon! :-)

5.) I just helped my sister start her very own blog! She and her husband are ... hilarious, interesting, fun, different, random, and adventurous. Check out their Adventures in LovieLand! (well, check it out eventually ...) Welcome to blogland, Bef! :-)

6.) I'm super excited (and kinda nervous!) to try out my very first linky party on Monday ... "Inspire Me Monday" ... I'm hoping lots of you fellow bloggers will come link up and share your posts that might inspire others in some way! (please, pleASE, PLEASE!)

Happy weekend to you all!


  1. You lucky duck!!! Enjoy the coast for me...I LOVE Oregon, always have loved the ocean! Wish I could trade you places right now...North Dakota is freezing and FULL of snow right now!

  2. ugh! nothing worse than a sick babe...hope she feels better soon!


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