Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hawaiian Delight Paninis

Paninis! Love 'em!
For some reason, they make a boring ol' sandwich seem SO much more exciting, dontcha think?

*sidenote: I couldn't believe it when one of my favorite people (who I've never met) posted a panini recipe on her website this week, too! I swear to you, I had this recipe all planned to post before that happened - I even had the pictures taken and everything!)
Maybe my obsession is causing me to channel her subconsciously ...?

Getting back to reality...
Here, I have taken one of my mom's favorite recipes from when I was a kid (Hawaiian Delights - which were open-faced sandwiches on french bread) - and put it into a panini!
It's a lot like the last recipe I posted ... ridiculously simple.
So easy your husband could do it. Or should I say MY husband could do it..!?
Yep, better stick with MY husband could do it, cause I know there are lots of you out there lucky enough to have husbands who cook (lucky girls!).

And here we go again ... list of ingredients ... pen & paper ready? :)~ (just kidding!)
*deli ham (I used black forest)
*sliced swiss cheese
*pineapple rings (or tidbits would do just fine!)
*cream cheese
*focaccia (or something similar)

I just realized why I love this so much ... the ingredients are YUMMY! (that does help.)

Directions: (as if you need them)
1. slice the bread in half
2. spread on plenty of cream cheese deliciousness
3. layer ham, then pineapple, then cheese
4. put sandwich on your warmed up panini press and close the lid!
(or you can do this in a grill pan on the stovetop - just put a heavy skillet or something on top)
5. grill for approximately 5 minutes
The one bummer about making paninis (at least with my panini press) is that the bread gets toasty and crunchy faster than the inside gets warm and the cheese has time to melt ... so I often just zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so afterward!
Yum, yum, and another yum!

Eat ... and be merry!


  1. Oh my this looks yummy!! I need to get one of those grills...

  2. By the way, where do you get the pretty font from? I love it! ;) Happy day to you my new friend!

  3. I need to get a grill like that too. Looks very yummy Rebecca. However, I have yet to you ever make something that isn't just that, yummy : )

  4. Thanks guys :-)
    Sara ... do you mean just the font in the post? It's just right from the blogger design page (from your toolbar)! Very simple - just gotta play around with it a little bit. Let me know if you want a more detailed explanation of how to do it ... I'd be glad to help you. :-)

  5. Love these & I don't have a Panini press, but my grill & a heavy plate worked great. Thanks love the soup recipe too :)


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