Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inspire Me Monday

Welcome to "Inspire Me Monday" ... a place where (I hope!) you can be encouraged, uplifted, and inspired. I plan to post something inspirational each Monday ... it could be a quote, a picture, a verse, a video, a tutorial, a story, a project, or anything else I can come up with! I hope eventually this will be a place where other bloggers can link up to share their inspirational tips, too ... whether ideas to inspire others - or sharing what you are being inspired by.
The possibilities are endless!
For now, please enjoy MY contribution to "Inspire Me Monday" HERE (also in the post below!) - (a DIY project by yours truly - which means anyone can do it!), and please link yourself up at the bottom ... and link back here, if you don't mind! :-) The button/code are over on my sidebar!
Thanks for joining!


  1. Thanks1 I linked up! Do you have a button for my party list on my side bar...? :)

  2. No problem. I'll just do a hyper link.
    (Have you considered enabling your email so it isn't a "no-reply"...? So much easier for everyone...)


  3. I did that! Thanks, Vivienne! I'm new at this ... I can use all the help I can get! :)~

  4. Thanks for doing this!! SO much fun!

  5. Stopping over from (in)courage's blog frog community! Cute blog ... and LOVE the magnet tutorial you did below! So cute!!


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