Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kiddie Contest ... and the after-adventure

The Kiddie Contest.
Just ask any Silverton-area resident what that is, and I can pretty much guarantee they'll be able to tell you. It's a little photo contest put on by our local photography studio, and it's been around for ... well, a long time. I was a contestant when I was a kid!
All of the participants' photos get posted in a store window downtown for the general public to admire, the winners are announced in the local paper, and it's just become a tradition for many families in our area.
I think I probably speak for everyone who participates when I tell you that it's not really about "the competition" and whether or not your kid will win ... but about the screamin' deal that you only get with this (awesome) photographer once a year! :-)

Well ... today was that time of year for us. And my problem was figuring out what Lucy should wear! Too many choices! (It didn't help that I went shopping over the weekend specifically for the purpose of buying a "Kiddie Contest outfit" ... and left the mall(s) with FOUR choices.
So last night, we had to put on a fashion show for Sherry and Cam to decide what Lucy would wear...

The springy, Easter-ish dress? (Gap) ... a classic choice for most little girl participants.
(Pardon the wrinkles ... I wasn't about to iron before I knew FOR SURE this was our choice!)

It was cute ... but not cute enough.

The simple-but-sweet, country-girl look?
(top: Pumpkin Patch, skirt: Gap, shoes: Target!)

And the SHOES. OMG. LOVE the shoes.
I'll take some in my size, please!
(And they are from TARGET, people!)
so. darn. cute.
...especially on a sweet little foot. :-)
Super cute, but she looked like a teenager in a two-year-old's body.
Not the look I was going for.

The classic, plain jean dress and adorable ivory crocheted headband? (Target)

Very sweet ... but too similar to the dress she wore for last year's Kiddie Contest.

So .... we eventually narrowed it down to:

The casual, preppy (and so stinkin' adorable) choice? (Janie and Jack)
(She seriously looked like a little leprechaun girl in this!)

And how CRAZY-cute are these shoes!?! (Nordstrom)
I'll take some of these in my size, too!


her Christmas dress, which was, of course, hanging in her closet all along ...

...and after ALL of that ...
we went with the Christmas dress.
Mostly because I LOVED this dress, the navy blue looks SO beautiful on her, I really wanted some "good" pictures of Lucy in the dress before it no longer fits, and I kind of wanted to be different and go for a non-Spring ensemble. (Maybe it's all the pouring rain and crazy wind that is keeping if from feeling anything like Spring around here!?)
At least it wasn't red velvet or something ... in which case, I think I would have chosen one of the other options. :)~

Anyway ... on to the adventure part of this post.
The pictures went GREAT. Sherry and Cam met us at the studio and both Cam and Lucy smiled like professionals and did a great job ...
And then my car battery died.
First time EVER in my life this has happened.
So my FABULOUS friend drove home, got her jumper cables ...
and then we REALLY needed a camera!
Two fairly-clueless girls (one more clueless than the other), two toddlers in car seats,
jumper cables, Ryan (Mr. Sherry) on the phone talking us through the process ... in the POURING rain.
But we fixed it!
What a morning!
A Kiddie Contest to remember, for sure. :-)


  1. We should have just snapped a quick photo of us jumping the car. It would have been hilarious to look back on. We can say we are well rounded girls being able to jump a car battery now : )


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