Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Simplest crock pot recipe on the planet...

ROTEL is my new best friend.
Well, my best friend that comes in a can and lives in my pantry, anyway.
I use it ALL the time - and it has found its way into almost every Mexican-style dish I make.
(Yes, I am aware that it's just diced tomatoes and green chiles which you can buy in their own cans ... but that would require me to buy - and open - two cans, so why go to all that trouble!?)

Moving on.
This really IS the simplest crock pot recipe on the planet, so I feel kinda lame posting it.
But in the event that you have been missing out on this simple, yummy deliciousness ... this post is for YOU. :-)

Chicken and Black Bean Burritos

(prepare yourself for an extensive ingredient list ... you might want to get a pen and paper handy)

1 can of Ro-tel
1 can of black beans, rinsed and drained
1 tablespoon (or more or less) taco seasoning
2-4 chicken breasts (STRAIGHT OUT OF THE FREEZER!)

(the directions are almost as extensive as the ingredient list... are you ready?)

1. Place the frozen (or thawed if you are more organized than I am and remembered to take them out of the freezer the day before) chicken breasts in the crock pot.
2. Pour (rinsed and drained) black beans and Ro-tel over the top.
3. Cook on low setting for about 6 hours.
4. Shred with forks (I am telling you, the meat will seriously just fall to pieces - SO simple).
5. Add desired amount of taco seasoning to the mixture and stir.
(I usually let it sit another 30 minutes or so after this...and the meat will eventually absorb all the extra liquid, so don't dump it out!)
6. Warm up your tortillas and have at it!
(I usually add cheese and sour cream, too ... but that's just me.)

-2 chicken breasts will easily feed 4 people.
-I always use the leftovers in my tortilla soup (also in the crock pot) the next day.

I told you ... SIMPLE. I don't think it gets much easier - and takes maybe 5 minutes of your time. My kind of recipe.
Eat ... and be merry!


  1. Mmmm... I'll definitely have to try this one, I"m on a black bean kick right now anyway, and Mexican is one of my favorites, probably my all time fave! Here's one for you, that's too simple and a Ro-Tel recipe, too:
    1 can Ro-Tel
    1 pound ground (beef, elk, venison)
    5 cans chili beans, with juice
    Minced onion

    Brown the ground with the onion, dump ALL into crockpot in the morning, let go all day. Enjoy! Have a great day!

  2. Ooh! I'm all about quick and easy these days. Thanks Bec!


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