Thursday, March 31, 2011


Miss Lucy had a sleepover with Aunt Stephie the other night ...
She's stayed overnight with her Nana several times, but it's always been when Scott and I were gone for a night or two ... never when we were actually home!
Let me just say, it felt VERY strange. 
I had 24 FREE hours (minus 4 hours at work).

So ... what did I do (or not do) with all my spare time, you ask?

* I watched something other than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Bubble Guppies, and Elmo on TV.
* I ate my dinner while it was still warm.
* I did not wipe down a 10 foot radius surrounding the dining table after every meal.
* I did not pick up toys and books (over and over).
* I did not clean up  any "accidents" (this darn potty training is going to be the death of me, I tell ya!)
* I stayed in bed until 8:30 (pretty sure this is close to a life-long record for me).
* I took a shower when I felt like it instead of when I had a chance to.
* I showered for longer than 3 minutes.
* I shaved both legs.
* I blow dried my hair all the way.
* I went grocery shopping alone and took my sweet time (and three store employees asked me where my helper was:-).
* And ....
I missed my little snuggle buddy like crazy!
I was SO happy when Aunt Stephie brought her home.
AND she just learned how to sit criss-cross-applesauce.  (Sorry, people ... I'm a kindergarten teacher - that's what we call it!)
Is it weird that I got emotional about this!?

Please stop time now.


  1. nope, I am must be super tired or something, I am all choked up too!!!! That might be weird!

  2. I teach K,1st, and 2nd so I say criss-cross-applesauce all the time too! And no...not weird at all to get choked up over that. My 22-month old said, "Bless You" after I sneezed today and I didn't even know she knew those words.

    Your Lucy is absolutely precious!

  3. I know, isn't that crazy how we need a break from them and even bask in it, but then want them back ever so much sooner than we thought. My mother-in-law lives about three miles from here and babysits if I need to get something done. But I always miss them when they are gone!! I haven't had enough nerve to have them stay overnight though...except for when I went into labor with Whitney...;)

  4. You aren't the only one with potty training problems? lol

  5. This adorable picture of Lucy sitting criss-cross applesauce came up on a Google search marked available for re-use. Since you are a mom and this is your little girl I wanted to also ask you if I could use her photo on my website blog post which refers to children sitting criss-cross applesauce listening to a story being read to them. I am a children's book author and this is the cutest picture ever. I could link to your site. Find the post under blog at
    Let me know and if you would rather not, I understand completely, good luck with your blogging.


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