Wednesday, March 2, 2011

toe floss ...

Lucy has a (strange) infatuation with her toes ... and more specifically, her toe "jam". Ever since Nana introduced her to her toe jam many months ago, Lucy randomly (and often) plops down in the middle of the floor, takes off her shoes and socks, and proceeds to spend 15+ minutes carefully picking the toe jam between each toe. (Sorry if this is totally grossing you out ... it's really just sock fuzz, if that makes you feel better!?)

Cut to last week one day when we were having some kind of pasta dish containing linguine noodles for dinner. I dished up Lucy's plate and got her situated in her booster seat at the table, then went back to the kitchen to dish up my own plate.

A minute later, I turned around to find this ...
...apparently now, she not only picks her toes - but flosses them, as well.

Where does she come up with these things???

P.S. Had a GREAT time in Disneyland! I will post some pics from our trip soon ... but I figured you were missing the Lucy stories...

Hope this one made you SMILE! :-)


  1. Try flossing your teeth now baby bear! I wuv you Wucy!!! From Michael, Suki, and Sushi too!!!

  2. :-) you need to come teach her that one ...

  3. That's hilarious! At least she'll always have clean feet and will always have sandal-worthy toes!


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