Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Uh-oh hair

This, my friends, is "UH-OH HAIR"

... just ask Lucy.
It all started when, 1) Lucy started talking and 2) she grew hair long enough to make this craziness on her head!
She would wake up with hair everywhere, and frantically (and usually unsuccessfully) try pushing said wild-n-crazy hair out of her eyes, hollering "UH-OH HAIR! UH-OH HAIR!" over and over until I came to her rescue and tamed it ... which is no small task!:)~

So now, we just call it "uh-oh hair" all the time ...
but I love it. :-)
What's not to love, really?


  1. Uh-oh hair! I LOVE that:-) We have that here too, but when I try to tame Grace's uh-oh hair she says "No Mama, I like it in my face!" I choose to pick my battles with her and lately her hair is not one of them...she is my little Orphan Annie!

  2. Ha! That's, awesome, Melissa! :-) And trust me ... Lucy doesn't like a whole lot of "taming", either ... just enough to get it out of her eyes. It's kinda like pulling teeth to get it "church-worthy" on Sundays ...

  3. Love the hair baby...very avant garde! Love the sweatshirt too!!


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