Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Good morning!
I'm linking up (for the first time!) over here for...
So ... here's what I'M loving this Wednesday:

First things first: it's SPRING BREAK!
And I would really like to be loving the sun, but I live in Oregon, so ...
this cute lil' guy will have to suffice.

I love that it's time for Spring flowers! My favorites...
and especially

I love that it's time for Spring clothes
(if the aforementioned sun would cooperate!)
I WANT this dress from Nordstrom. (no surprise there:)~

I love that it's time for Easter candy!
Cadbury mini eggs are THE BEST.
Except that I eat them by the dozens ... so I hate them AND I love them. :-)

I love my sweet new camera strap cover from Polka Dot Bungalow on Etsy.
I get comments and compliments on it everywhere I go. :-)

I'm loving the vacation club that we belong to ...

...because it allows me to stay at places like this for two nights for $100.
(Seaside, here we come!)

I'm loving my baby's cute 'n crazy hair. :-)

And I would REALLY love if you would join me next Monday for my first ever...
(cue: drumroll)

Link up your posts that might INSPIRE ME (and anyone else who reads them) to:
* be a better mom/person/teacher/friend/etc.
* get organized
* set new goals
* try new recipes
* get crafty
* think about things in a new way
* ?????? ...the possibilities are endless!

I hope you will join me... and be inspired!


  1. That hairdo! My girls look the same way almost every morning! Found you from WILW! I'm now following! :)

  2. The crazy hair picture is the cutest thing I have seen all day!!

  3. I love that Spring is here(or near for you) and that is a great dress for it!!
    I also love your camera strap. I have been meaning to get one so I will have to get on Etsy soon!!
    Your little girl is precious!!! Love her crazy hair. My baby boy has some crazy strawberry blond curls --so fun!!

  4. Hi! I'm stopping by from This Kind of Love to see what you're loving this Wednesday. Your baby's hair is so adorable! I have a wild-haired baby myself, so I guess I'm partial :-)

  5. Now I want that dress!!!! Hmmmm...maybe I should start a blog about being a Karnie!!

  6. I think that would be kinda hilarious :)~
    I'll help! :-)

  7. I love tulips too! And I will definitely have to check back on Monday. LOVE that idea!

  8. Your blog is super cute- I am so glad I linked up from WILW! Hope you have a great week!

  9. LOVE your blog. Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. Your little girl is adorable.

  10. Great things that you are loving today!!! Love that dress!


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I love EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. :-)