Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog Party 2011!

OK, so the word on the street is ... if you are new to the blogging world - or looking to grow your blog - then The Ultimate Blog Party at 5 Minutes for Mom is a GREAT place to start.  SWEET!
Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Enter:  Me.  And my blog.  Which you're currently reading. (HOWDY!  and THANKS!)

I'm Bec!
And this is my sweet lil' family:
 I met my husband Scott when I was six years old ... we went to grade school together! ... and now we've been married for 10+ years!  There are some GREAT stories of how we (eventually) ended up together - I'll have to tell you those some other time ...

This little angel is our two-year-old daughter, Lucy.  She is the BEST thing on the planet, and she brightens SO many lives.  We waited a l---o---n---g eight years to have her, and she was 100% worth the wait!  She is one special little girl.  And I know I'm her Mama - so of course I'm gonna say that - but if you knew her ... you'd agree. :-)  I promise.

We live here ... 
...on a small farm (if you can call 20 acres with 3 horses, 1 dog, 2 rows of berries, and an occasional tomato plant a "farm") ... and we are grateful to God every day that we do.  It is perfect ... for us, anyway!  :-)  

This was the view from my front porch this morning...
...and that is Ace, Lexus, and Laredo.

I started riding horses when I was eight-years-old ... and I'll never stop.  Horses make me happy.  That's really all there is to it.  The smell of a horse is like heaven to me.
I know it's weird.
My parents have been telling me it's weird since I was eight ...
But.  The fact of the matter is I need horses in my life.  And I know how blessed I am to be able to enjoy them every single day.

And if there's anything better than being on a horse myself, it's watching Lucy on a horse.
Oh goodness.  Seeing that sweet thing on top of a horse -- and loving it -- melts my heart thirty-six ways from Thursday.

And watching her run around the barn in her cute little boots is pretty great, too ... :-)

 And Stella's usually not very far behind ...
Our first "baby" - and THE. BEST. DOG. EVER.
She's never allowed to die.  Or I think I might, too.

But anyway ... getting back to my story:  
Aside from loving my family and riding horses, I do a whole lot of teaching.  
Kindergarten, to be exact.  
I've been teaching for nine years now ... and I love love love teaching these little guys.  
C'mon ... how cute are they!?
Teaching kindergarten is perfect because it allows me to work half-days (just in the afternoons, mostly when Lucy is napping!) ... and get the best of both worlds.  Works for me!

OK.  So, now you know a little more about Bec!
And here's a little about my blog ...
I originally started Little Lucy Lu just after Lucy was born, in an effort to keep track of her milestones and to keep our friends and family updated.
But lately ... well, I'm kinda kickin' it into high gear!  I started getting hooked on some other blogs (Pioneer Woman = my idol) ... and just decided I could write about my life just as easily as the next person!  It might not be a very exciting life, but ... I guess that just all depends on who's reading! :-)
And I'm far from crafty or culinarily(is that a word?)-gifted, but I follow recipes and directions pretty well :)~ ... and I figure if I can do it, then anyone can do it!
So maybe I can inspire someone in that way.  Who knows!?  I'm just on this journey to see where it takes me ... and so far, I'm lovin' it!
I look forward to meeting lots of new friends here in blogland!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Bec! This is my first "blog party" as well and you are one of the first blogs I happened upon... and oh my gosh I LOVE IT! You are so sweet! and so is that little girl!! And I wish I lived on a little farm like that... it just speaks joy right into my soul! That first picture of Lucy is breath-taking!! I'm so glad I found your blog... I think we'll be great bloggy friends :)

  2. Stopping from the UBP! Your farm looks wonderful. What a great place to explore and play for Lucy!

  3. Stopping by from the UBP! And yes, you can call 20 acres a farm! We just bought ONE acre in the city, and my husband refers to it as the farm! He grew up on a true farm, so it's in his blood! Your little one is sure cute--we also waited 8 years before kids, but no regrets! We're loving the parenting adventure! I'm having my first ever giveaway at my blog party! Stop on over (

  4. Beautiful pictures. What a nice way to start my day. Visiting from the party : )

  5. I don't know where you live but I wanna move there now! LOL. I long for wide open spaces and plenty of room for my kids to run free.

    I'm a new follower now!

    Hope you'll stop by and visit my ultimate blog party post at Dayngrous Discourse in Miami and follow along if you like what you read. Have a great weekend and keep partying! :::: tossing confetti ::::


  6. Hi :) I followed you from the UBP! You have a beautiful family. I'm your newest follower.

  7. Hi Bec! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love it over here! You and your family are just adorable...Lucy is a sweetie, reminds me of my Adaline! And although all I could see was part of the front porch...I'm pretty sure that I want to come live in your house.
    I'm not sure if you waited 8 years for Lucy on purpose or not, but my hubby and I have been married for 8 years and it took us 4 1/2 to conceive our daughter. We're ttc again, but struggling.
    I'm following you on GFC, but to be honest I've never used it before. You should add email subscription and facebook and twitter too :)

  8. Your dog looks like a good protector for your other little one! :) I have a dog who is turning 17 in a few days; I'm 18! We're just convinced at this point she isn't going to die. :)

  9. Stopping by from UBP 11-I'm a new(ish) blogger myself. I love the pictures you put up. You have a beautiful home and daughter. And your dog is so cute-I grew up with Australian Shepherds in my home-having a dog as a kid is one of the best things.


  10. I have LOVED reading through all your old posts....and you're right - we DO have a lot in common! (love the title of your blog, by the way) ;0)
    since we are about to have baby #2, i'm struggling with whether or not i should rename my blog to reflect that or just leave it as is.....i know, i know, there are far more important things to worry about, but i can't help it - ha! :)
    lucy is a DOLL and you crack me up! i am now a follower of your blog and i look forward to reading more! thanks for stopping by, i'm so glad we "met" :)

  11. Stopping by from the UBP:) Your blog is cute and you have a beautiful family! I'm looking forward to reading more!

  12. Oh Bec your place is GORGEOUS!! ;) LOVE those horses and your darling house!! Oh and Ally has that coat Lucy is wearing!! hehe You are doing such an awesome job blogging. Just LOVE your family story!

  13. WOW! It looks like you live in paradise. Love the pictures and your family/animals all look wonderful. Your little girl is beautiful!

    Stopping by to party- swing by my blog if you get a chance to say hello!

  14. Nice to "meet" you! Glad you swung by and visited Graceful Abandon; I've loved linking over and getting a quick peek at your little corner of the world. I think you must live in Paradise; that is totally my dream ... land, crops, horses ... wow!

  15. Hi! Stopping in from UBP. I love horses! I never actually owned one, we got to ride horses at my Uncle's Ranch. Maybe one day I'll get to:)

  16. 20 acres... Oh my dream!! How nice.

  17. Oh, your little girl is a doll!

    I wish I could teach half days! I stopped teaching when my oldest was born. Some days I miss it, but since I could only teach full days, I'm home with my boys.

    Thanks for stopping by from UBP- following your blog now!

  18. Hi Bec! Stopping by from the UBP11. My first time to join. :-) Lucy is such a sweetheart. I have a 3-1/2 yr old and an 11 month old. Our older child was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth and he is an absolute blessing! Both our kids are. :-) I stay home with them.
    Following your blog now.

  19. I started blogging to help the family keep up too. Now, I LOVE it and look forward to doing it as much as possible. What an amazing outlet.
    Thanks for stopping by the House of Hills.
    Oh, and your daughter... almost as adorable as mine. :)

  20. Wait, so I knew Scott? From when I worked at the school for a year? I want the stories of how you guys ended up together!

  21. Hi Mrs. Kuenzi :) I just thought I'd say hi! I saw your link and thought about all the cute pics of my little birhtday buddy that I hadn't seen in a while ;) Hope all is well in your corner of the world. ~Jordan Teeney
    p.s: I absolutely LOVE Pioneer Woman! I think I'm obsessed with her site AND her cookbook :)

  22. What a beautiful blog and a beautiful family! Blessings to you! Stopping by from UPB. If you have time visit me at and if you like me, become a follower! I'm going to follow you!

  23. You are so stinking cute - inside and out. I LOVE how your personality shines through in your writing. You have a gorgeous family. Happy to meet you via UBP!

  24. Hi! I 'm stopping by from UBP! You have such a beautiful blog and family! I am now following you and look forward to reading more! Check me out too when you get a chance:

  25. Hi! I'm stopping by from the UBP...a little late, but it is taking me a while to go through all of the links! I love meeting new bloggers! You have such a beautiful family! I'm your newest follower! Come over to my blog to see how I am creating a healthy home for my family if you get the chance!

  26. We do have soooo much in common!! And besides the horses, farm, teaching, 2 yr old daughters, they also both have super curly hair!! Fun! I think we are meant to be friends!! oh and I alsoooooo LOVE scraping booking! and I to find it very hard to find the time. I am still working on her first year book. It is almost finished but not quite. I can not wait to keep reading your blog. It is so fun! oh and by the way compared to my brand spankin new blog I think yours is pretty rad, and I hope that mine is half as good as yours someday! One of my faves!! Ill be reading!

  27. Hi! I was following links from Pinterest and noticed your blog name. It turns out we have a few things in common... I was attracted to your blog's name because I have a daughter named Lucy too. She just turned two on 12/3 and we love her to pieces. I hate to scrapbook (I can't stand the idea of cutting pictures!) and allow myself the "luxury" of creating them on instead. My baby girl and I are curly girls too! I can't wait to follow along on your journey with your little Lucy Lu as we have our own. :)


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