Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Party!

Last night, some of our best friends came over with their kids for an Easter egg dyeing party.
We had all kind of fun with hot glue, bubble wrap, rubber bands, and good ol' egg dye and vinegar! :)~

These ended up being our favorites of the night ... we painted bubble wrap with acrylic paint and then rolled the eggs over the top!  Simple AND cute! :-)

Briana, showing off her yellow-dyed, purple-bubble-wrap-painted egg.
We also wrapped rubber bands around some of the eggs before dropping them into the dye for some cool striped eggs.  (Apparently, it was a little difficult getting those rubber bands on - at least that's what the look on my face says!) 

 We celebrated some birthdays last night, too  ... check out these awesome rainbow cupcakes made by my niece Krystina!  You can check out some of her other awesome creations HERE.

Happy Birthday, Jenny and John!
Lilybug, lovin' her some cupcake. :-)
I had some special snacks for the kiddos, too ...
 "Bunny Tails" from eighteen25...
 And some goldfish "carrots" ... too cute!
 The white shirt/gray cardigan club ...
 My goofball sister and I ...
...and Angie, sitting on my kitchen floor, playing with the alphabet magnets I made last month ... see, even adults like 'em! :-)
It was a fun night, and a great start to the Easter weekend...
I hope you're all having lots of Easter fun, too!


  1. So cute! I love the bubble wrapped eggs.....wish I would have saved some of the bubble wrap from our new nursery furniture to use for our eggs!
    Those cupcakes do not help this preggo woman's cravings!!! ;)
    Hope y'all have a blessed Easter!

  2. Oh how much fun is that!!! Your house is GORGEOUS lady!! And you too of course...;) Sure looks like a TON of fun!!! I just LOVE the time of year! Have an AWESOME Easter!! HUGS

  3. How precious!!! Looks like everyone had a ton of fun. Happy Easter:)

  4. What a fun celebration with your kids Bec! Love those rainbow cupcakes. Have a Blessed Easter!

  5. What a blast and very cute Eggs! How do you know Rachael Howard? She and I are in West Salem Moms Club together, and I just love her! She's so sweet and my son really loves playing with Carter!!!

  6. Awesome sauce! Loved the cupcakes, the magnets and the eggs. Very creative.

  7. I am still in a jealous fit here, because of your creativity! The bubble wrap is a great idea! I loved the outcome! And, I still can't get over how cute and clever those ABC magnets are!
    Cori at ILoveLucyJean


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