Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun-Day Friday!

Just wanted to start out this Fun-day Friday post with the official definition of the word fun.  
fun  (fn)
1. A source of enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure.
2. Enjoyment; amusement: have fun at the beach.
3. Playful, often noisy, activity.

Fun, as defined above, is a source or enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure.  
And for your reading pleasure, here's a short list of what's fun in the life of Little Lucy Lu (and her Mama) on this Fun-day Friday!

1.  There's an egg decorating party at our house tonight!  Looking forward to seeing some of my best and oldest friends and having LOTS of FUN! :-)

2.  My kinder kids have been having fun at recess OUTSIDE this week!  The sun DOES exist in Oregon!  And truth be told, I've been looking forward to recess time as much as the kids have this week!  

(Yes, this is the view from our school yard.  Pretty darn awesome.)

2. In the world of reality TV ... 
Survivor:  I {heart} Rob.  That's all I have to say about that.
American Idol: I actually agreed with the results last night!  Weird.  That never happens! 
Dancing with the Stars:  Am I the only one who thinks the poor Karate Kid is getting gipped!?

3. Remember last Friday when I mentioned one of my goals was to get my garden going!?  I actually DID IT!
Here's a little sneak peak ... 
More on our garden "project" next week ... 

4. I just had the pleasure of dealing with my very first "let's see how much toilet paper I can put into the toilet before Mama finds me" adventure.  (Courtesy of this little monkey with the cheesy smile.)
And it was about 3/4 of the roll, in case you wondered.  Now, that, my friends, is what what I call fun.  

5.  OK, so #4 wasn't actually fun.  But I'm sure I'll laugh about it someday.  Like probably tomorrow. 

6. Lucy's new favorite phrase is, "So where we goin', Mama?  Where we goin'?"  She she says it every time she sees me changing my clothes, putting on makeup, or doing my hair ... and it totally cracks me up.  

7. This is a picture of Lucy hunting Easter eggs last year.  
It was SO much fun to watch her last year, and I know this year is going to be even better!  I can't wait! :-)

Happy GOOD FRIDAY (thank you, Jesus)!  And Happy Easter weekend from our home to yours! :-)


  1. Fun post Bec! I have to ask though, do I spy Romeo's with that dress? =) Have a great Easter weekend! (Tortilla soup is going in the pot in just a bit!)

  2. That all looks like a lot of fun! :)

    Thank goodness my Lucy only unrolls the paper on the floor...for now. Your Lucy (typing that makes me laugh), is ADORABLE! I love the smile!

    I agree with Stefano getting voted off American Idol. And, yes, the Karate Kid is pretty darn good.

    Happy Easter to you too!
    Cori at ILoveLucyJean

  3. Yeah! Someone else who hearts Rob. I can't get enough of that guy. And I love Miss Lucy's cheesy smile too.

  4. Lovely pictures! I love the picture with the little girl in the pink skirt, and the adorable teeth smile...Kids make all things fun , silly and messy but so worth.

  5. Thanks for keeping the Survivor tid-bit to "I heart Rob" =) We haven't caught up on our episodes yet!!! Watched the one last night where they merge and vote Matt off AGAIN! Ha!

    And yes I heart Rob, too. If there were no Michael or Amber, he would be my husband. Oh yes he would =)

  6. Those photos are wonderful! Totally made me smile!

  7. Oh my little Lucy!!! I have a feeling that is going to happen here pretty soon at my house too! ;) Ugh! I can't believe you are gardening already...can I come live with you? lol


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