Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun-day Friday!

Yes, indeed!  My favorite day is back again!
And there's been lots of fun going on around here this week ...

1. Three-day weekends are the BEST!  It's a furlough day today, (which is kinda depressing) ... but I don't mind - I'll take the extra day off with no complaints! :)~

2.  Hallelujah!  The Royal Wedding is finally HERE!  Now every talk show, news station, magazine, newspaper, and website can talk about something ELSE!
(...... after they talk about the dress, the food, the hair, the jewelry, the flowers, the families, the attendants, the kiss, the honeymoon, and every other wedding-related detail there is.)
Don't get me wrong ... I'm excited to see all of it, too - but geez!  The amount of times I've heard the word "royal" this week ....?  WAY higher than we can count in kindergarten ... that's all I know! :)~

3. Remember that sweet pink wagon I mentioned last week ...?  The one the Easter Bunny may or may not have been bringing to Lucy?  Well, he brought it ...

... and it is a HIT! :-)

4. I got to do my very first guest post over at Remodelaholic yesterday!  (which really was a re-post since she asked me to write about my ladder laundry rack again ... but still pretty cool, all the same!)
I've got another guest post coming up, too ... and all this guest posting has got me thinking - if there is anyone out there who would like to guest post here on Little Lucy Lu, I'd love it!  Just send me an email with an idea for your topic if you're interested!
Or a blog swap might be fun, too!?

5. I think I'm finally going to fit in that shopping trip I started "planning" back here ....  I have a feeling some of those stripes are going to be finding a new home in my closet very soon!  Yippee!!! :-)

6.  My reality TV obsession:
It's all about Dancing with the Stars this week because -- at the risk of sounding like a total goober, can I just tell you that Hanson singing Mmm-bop (and the dance that went along with it) was my favorite TV moment of the week!?  We have re-watched that performance approximately 1,216 times in my house this week ... Lucy LOVES it -- and watching her dance and sing along is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.
If you missed it, you just gotta watch this!  SO. MUCH. FUN!!!  (And make sure you turn it up real loud and dance along in your chair while you watch!)

C'mon now ... tell me that wasn't FUN!?  (And how cute did those boys grow up to be!?  Wowzers.)
If I was 9 inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter, I would SO look just like that while I dance around my living room.
OK.  I'm moving on now.
After I watch one more time ... :)~

7. Did you notice that cute little button up at the top of this post...?  I'm thinking about making "Fun-day Friday" a link up for others to join ... but I'm wondering if there's enough of you out there who would want to join in the FUN!?  Basically, the idea would be to link up your posts about whatever is fun in your life lately -- a fun project you've been working on, a fun adventure you've gone on, fun shopping finds, fun ideas for the kids ..... fun, fun, fun!
Get it?
OK, so I would be your best friend forever if you give me your thoughts on that ... please and thanks a bunch! :-)

Wishing all of you fabulous friends a SuPeR FuN WeeKeND!


  1. Ok, so I feel silly being the first one to always comment, but I always check your page first thing in the morning!! lol Would LOVE to be part of Fun day Friday!! You are getting popular my girl!! WOW!

  2. I think you should go for it! I would definitely link up for some fun on friday!! Oh and I'm wanting to see the video of Lucy dancing to some Hanson!

  3. I, too, am obsessed with DWTS! Hanson for guilty pleasures night? Perfect! :)

    I love Lucy's wagon! How cute!

  4. I would LOVE to do the FUN day Friday! I need it for motivation on blog posts!

    The Hanson video? LOVE IT. I don't watch DWTS, but I loved that video. I'm going to have to agree, those boys are super cute all grown up. Diego will probably LOVE the music too! :)

    Loved your guest post too, how exciting! The laundry rack is adorable. I've got a few metal yard pieces my mom gave me that I'll be painting soon, I'm thinking of blogging about it when I get around to it. Any tips on spray painting? My first adventure with it was not so good.

  5. New follower! And so excited. I loved your post. I totally agree with #2! I would love your Fun Friday and I think a blog swap would be totally fun! Maybe a she says, she says, for each other. Hmmmm I'll think some more on this to make it fun for both of us, but you have great ideas, and I'll be stalking your blog for sure!

  6. Hey following you on twitter from the Sunday Stalker hop. Also want to invite you to join my Wordless Weekly hop. The linky and post will be available Sunday evenings at 8:00 central time. Have a blessed weekend! Tamara @ God's Perfect Promises

  7. That is a super cute wagon! (Your sweet lil one is adorable too!)

    Thanks for visiting Tales From the Nursery for the Super Stalker Sunday hop. My monthly Tailspin hop just posted up for May tonight as well.

    I think Fun Friday is a good idea :)


  8. Hello! Stopping by from the Super Stalker Sunday Blog Hop! I love your site design! I've added your button to My Button Collection page ( Stop by, look around and say "Hi".

    Have a great Sunday,


  9. Love the wagon!

    Catching up on my blog hopping. Better late than never right?
    Please return the favor and swing by when you can.


  10. I will link up to this. Friday's are always fun. It's the kick-off to the weekend : )

  11. Hi! I am so glad you came to my blog so that I could find yours! Your daughter is a doll! Congrats on doing your first guest post---kind of fun right!?? I just did mine last week too! I would link up to your party too! How fun!!!
    from Crafty Scrappy Happy


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