Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday - horse edition

Okay, so we've established that I am more-or-less obsessed with Pioneer Woman.  
I would pretty much give my left arm just to meet her, I think.  
No I wouldn't.  
I'm not that crazy.  
But I do LOVE and adore her.  
And her website.
And her books.  
And her recipes.  
And her boots.  
And her mad photography skills.  

I could go on, but I'll stop there -- 'cause you already know what I'm talking about, right?

Anyway.  This week, PW is doing one of her photography "assignments", where readers submit their favorite photos in a particular category.  
The photos shown throughout these assignments always blow me away (cannot wait for the day when I can make a photo look anything like any of them), but this week is definitely the best possible category - and I have been practically in tears just looking through the photos each day...
There's not a more beautiful creature on the planet, to begin with - but with these amazing photographers taking their pictures, it's just plain awesome.  
So, for this What I'm Loving Wednesday, here are the photos that I'm LOVING: 
(It was SO hard to narrow it down to 10 favorites!)
By The Cotton Wife... This just looks like a painting to me!  Love the red barn in the background, too.
By tara*b ...  love the light, the golden pasture, the golden horse - so pretty.
By {lrp} leslie ... if you know me, you know I've never owned a horse that's not a Paint Horse - this one looks a LOT like my first love, "Bob".  Gorgeous.
By robynoneill ... I've never ridden a horse in a dress (nor do I imagine it would be a whole lot of fun) - but it would be so cool to have a photo like this!  Love it.
By RopinReins ... a little girl, laying in a field with her horse - my childhood dreams!  
Beautiful light, too...
By mizger2010 ... I love the perspective of this photo - and the sort of antiqued color.

By TheThiers ... umm .... can you say CUTIE PATOOTIE!?  Ha!
By puddin508 ... the very best view - and the sunlight is amazing, too.
By Karen F amdg ... this photo reminds me of my senior pictures (except the horse isn't a Paint!).
I can just feel the connection -- I know the feeling well.
Are you impressed yet!?  Aren't they FABulous!?
If you haven't seen them all, make sure to check them out HERE.  You'll probably have your own list of favorites!

And although I'm no photographer (yet) - and definitely no Pioneer Woman, here's a photo of my own:
I'm LOVING my Little Lucy Lu and my best boy, Laredo (aka: "Bubba").
  (That's a stick she's trying to feed him!:)~

Go check out lots of What I'm Loving Wednesday posts at Jamie's blog - This Kind of Love...
Happy Wednesday to you!


  1. I was going to ask you this morning if you saw that on PW. I almost cried looking at the pics of horses. I love it too! I love Lucy and Bubba too!

  2. Oh that's funny I was just looking through those YESTERDAY on PW's site. :) They are just GORGEOUS!!!! I want them all on my wall! Did you see the one with the horse kissing the cat? I actually ordered that one...ahhhh, for the day when I can take beautiful pics like that and actually have horses of my own to take pics of!! lol By the way, I LOVE that one you took of Lucy!

  3. I adore these pictures! I hope that when I have kids they like my horses too!

  4. Thanks for posting those beautiful pictures.
    Especially love the girl in the dress on the horse shot!!!

  5. Thanks for following and i am following back.

  6. Aww. I think the picture you took is the best one!! Love it!!

  7. These photos are gorgeous! Now I want one in a dress on a horse too!!

    Thanks for stopping by Emma's Lunch. I'm your newest follower :)

  8. Thanks for playing along!

    What beautiful pictures...especially the one you took!


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