Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Get your FUN ready!

OK blog peeps ...
Fun-day Friday is officially going to throw it's' hat in the link party ring, starting THIS Friday!

So get your FUN posts ready ... here are some ideas:

  • FUN craft projects
  • FUN activities for the kids
  • FUN adventures you've been on
  • FUN spaces you've created
  • FUN party ideas
  • FUN fashion finds
Pretty much, if you call it FUN, it qualifies!

I'm going to need all of YOU, my fabulous readers, to help make Fun-day Fridays a success! 
Link parties with three links are not all that fun. :(

So please mark you calendars and consider joining Little Lucy Lu for Fun-day Fridays! :-)


  1. I will be there! Now I just need to think of something fun....hmmmm.....;)


  2. I already have an idea! Oh no...I will need to start gathering pictures. Eeeps, I should start right away! haha.

  3. I'm in! I may need a little help (again) with the linky!

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