Thursday, May 5, 2011

I {Heart} Spray Paint!

A couple days ago, I showed you the beginning stages of my new "mom cave" ... the crafting table I made (almost) all by myself.  
 .... And I mentioned the next project in my mom cave involved that old ugly file cabinet in the corner.....
First of all, a funny story about that filing cabinet. 
'Cause there's always a story.  

(This is a really short story.)

That filing cabinet is the ONE item handy husband brought to our newly-married-household. 
(Yep, he lived at home with his mom until we got married.:)~
The end.
 Gee, he shouldn't have, eh?
(No ... really.  He shouldn't have!)
But quite frankly, filing cabinets are kinda expensive -- especially considering they're usually just shoved in a corner in the office -- so, I've just never felt like forking over the money for a new one.  

With the new mom cave project in full swing ... I decided I just couldn't have that nasty old thing scarring my beautiful new space.  

Spray paint!!!  

I used our local hardware store's brand in a color called "High Seas Blue."  

Much improved, I think!  
Don't be afraid to "resurrect" something as unexciting as an old metal filing cabinet ..... just takes a can of spray paint!
See ya'll tomorrow for ......


  1. That looks so much better! We need a new one too; but, I haven't been willing to fork over the money! haha. Perhaps I could get crafty? Here's wishing! :)

  2. This is great! I LOVE what spray paint can do to a piece! You picked a great color!

  3. Yeah, LOVE spray paint!! Hope you are having an awesome week!!

  4. WOW - what a difference a little spray paint makes!!! That looks awesome - great job and thanks for sharing:)

  5. I love this space! I have an old brown filing cabinet that could probably used some paint - thanks for the thought!

    p.s. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment - I love to hear from people who read my blog!

  6. Perfect solution! I'm in the middle of a spray painting blitz - love this stuff!

    Jill @ JunkyVagabond


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